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    Damage to carpet can be caused by many things, the most common actually being damage done by pets inside of a home. When only a small portion of carpet is damaged, most find it more cost efficient to only repair the affected section. Those needing repairs to carpet should always enlist in the services of an expert in carpet repair to ensure that the job is done properly, and that the repair is not visible once completed. In the unfortunate event that carpet is not able to be repaired, it is also highly recommended that a professional be the one to replace the carpet. An experienced carpet professional will be able to lay carpet that does not have the same trouble areas that typically arise from someone attempting to do a self-install.

    Types of carpet repair that an expert will be able to assist with include:

    • Damage resulting from water.

    • Accidental tears and stains.

    • Shifts that occur during the remodeling process.

    The most common way that an expert will repair these types of damage is by carpet patching. This will involve cutting away only the area of carpet that was affected and replacing it with a new, similar piece of carpet. In order to match the carpet appropriately, it is recommended that scrap pieces of carpet be kept during the initial installation. If exact carpet matches from left over scraps are not available, the next solution would be to cut strips away from an area of the house that is not typically visible, such as a closet.

    In the unfortunate event that the damage is too severe, and replacement of the carpet is required, an expert should always be the one to do the installation as well. Self-install will almost always lead to loose wall-to-wall carpet. Loose wall-to-wall carpet will result in bubbling and unsightly lumps. These issues are not only unattractive in one’s home, but also pose a huge safety hazard. There are a large number of falls reported each year due to household members, especially those that are elderly, tripping over carpet.

    Other ways that a carpet repair or laying expert will be of benefit include:

    • Inspection of the damaged areas prior to obtaining services.

    • Reporting the severity of damage to insurance companies if circumstances call for it.

    • Recommending a different type of carpet that could be installed to better suit the needs of the home, whether it be a high-traffic household or one that has pets or children.

    • Providing exact measurements for homeowners seeking to pick out new carpet from a local chain store.

    • Completing initial installation of carpet in a newly built structure.

    The next time a situation arises where carpet is in need of repair or replacing, make sure that the knowledge of a well-qualified technician is obtained. The added reassurance of knowing that the job will get completed properly far outweighs the slight cost difference from attempting a haphazard self-install.

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