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  • KucherovStudio's Profile Picture
    Expert in Building Architecture Design
    37 Reviews

    Flexible for public and private projects in architectural/interior design and 3D modeling. Eight years of experience in Building Architecture Design with ArchiCAD and Photoshop.

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  • milaniskrenov's Profile Picture
    Building Architectural Design Guru
    64 Reviews

    Superior knowledge of Building Architectural Design projects complete with drawings, modeling, rendering and post production. Expert in AutoCAD, 3DSMax, Vray and Photoshop.

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  • ARCDiM's Profile Picture
    Stunning Building Architecture Designer
    311 Reviews

    Provides Building Architecture design that is diversified in residential and commercial. Highly skilled in 3D modeling, CAD, Interior designs. Highly recommended.

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  • archmamun's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    94 Reviews

    5 years Professional experience in 3d model or visualization, we have ability to complete any big project with team. We always try to finish project from time to time and feedback is most important for us. List of service is: * 3D model or visualization (Exterior, Interior, Master-plan, 3d Video animation) * Archi ...

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  • mishineva's Profile Picture
    Brilliant Building Architectural Designer
    105 Reviews

    7+ years of experience in Building Architectural Design. Stunning plans with extraordinary attention to detail to deliver architectural projects in Photoshop and ArchiCad.

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  • wrishitesh's Profile Picture
    Highly Educated Building Architect
    44 Reviews

    Over eight years being in the field of Building Architect & Graphic Design. Diversified design ability in architectural for residential, commercial and industrial fields.

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Finding Architects on Freelancer

From your own home to the buildings you see in the city skyline, everything that rises from the concrete starts off on an Architect’s drafting board.

Architects are highly skilled structural designers that can take an engineer’s structure and give it a face to look at. But they don’t stop at just making buildings look pretty. Architects make sure that the space they occupy are optimized for the work they’re meant for, and ascertain that every part of a building can maximize its full functionality.

If you’re in need of an architect for your project, Freelancer.com has over 700 architecture experts you can choose from, sourced from all over the world. The network is continuously growing so you can find, connect with, and hire the architect best suited for your structural designing needs.

What’s more, there’s no need for weeks of visiting architecture design firms and meeting with agents who don’t really know how to help you like an architect would. Freelancer’s hiring process is designed to be quick and convenient and free for you to try out. Post a project, fill out your specifications, and talk directly to interested architects in real time. There are no need for delays, no middlemen, and no additional fees paid to the firm they work for.

It’s all about you, your architecture project, and the right architect that can make your design dreams come alive.

Whether you’re just starting the construction of your new home, or you’re building an entire compound of townhouses, hiring one of our Freelancers allows you to get the best architects at the best price. You can either specify an hourly rate, or a full rate for the entire project, or you can choose to allow your candidates to bid for the lowest possible price.

And because architects on the platform are so competitive, you can browse through the directory and check the ratings given to them by their previous employers, and read through their reviews, and find out how much money they’ve already earned from freelance projects in a specific skill set. You can read up on their credentials, or you can start a chat with them and ask them yourself about their experience, work ethic, and get to know everything you need to hire an architect that you know you can trust, and one that can handle the job you need for them to do.

With Freelancer’s vast directory of architects brandishing various specializations, you can get help on:

  • Designing houses and residential clusters
  • Crafting ideas for skyscrapers, business districts, and city plans
  • 3D modelling and drafting design work for your business layouts
  • Writing papers on architectural research for academic or business purposes

And because they come from all over the world, it’s much easier to find an architecture expert that knows the specialized design needs of buildings in your locality, or one that caters to the perfect style that suits your taste.

Anything and everything is possible with the expert architects on Freelancer.com. So post your project today, and find the architect that can help you make it happen!