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  • tkousar's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chengdu, China
    40 Reviews

    I have 10 years experience of PCB and antenna design using Cadsoft Eagle, OrCAD, MATLAB, ADS and HFSS. I have designed many circuits for mixed-signal applications. I am also expert in HFSS and ADS for RF and Microwave applications specially antennas.

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  • streamcoder's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
    23 Reviews

    I am streams developer with large experience building such kind of applications. Looking for Digital signage, TV streamming, transcoder, recorder and survillance solutions over any kind of devices. Web, Desktop application, iOS and Android solutions.

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  • yourapiexpert's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Quezon City, Philippines
    3 Reviews

    I am a consummate IT expert with over 24 years of experience solving complex integration and automation problems. I am the holder of multiple degrees in the fields of Journalism, Computer Engineering (Electronics) and Laws. My main skills lie in API and microservices development using technologies such as Node.JS,...

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  • Bmaudet's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in La Chevrolière, France
    9 Reviews

    Hey ! I'm a French voice talent and sound engineer since 7 years. My voice is used for companies like Google, Motorola, UTC, Mitel, Petronas etc.. I'm working with Protools, RE20 mic, Dynaudio BM5A speakers, ATH M50 headphone and Twinfinity preamp.

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  • ihsconsult's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Graham, United States
    18 Reviews

    IHS Consultations is a consulting and application development company that performs specialized engineering projects-for businesses, research organizations, universities, non-profit organizations and others; educational services-for schools, engineers, students and others; and business services-for companies and...

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  • ArchitectKareem's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Nasr City, Egypt
    8 Reviews

    I am the head architect at VAV architecture. VAV is an Architectural Visualization studio, developing custom architect solutions, whether it is 2D, 3D, animation, Urban, Planning, Decor , Graduation projects and Virtual reality experience. Our main aim is your satisfaction and we maintain it by providing high...

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Finding Broadcast Engineers on Freelancer

Broadcast engineers are experts in a mix of electrical engineering, computer engineering and information technology which commonly results in television broadcasting and/or radio broadcasting. This form of engineering has been around for decades, however has evolved significantly alongside technology over the years. Broadcast engineering can be broken down into several different fields and generally both working in a broadcast studio as well as the transmitter side of the business. Broadcast engineers generally hold one or multiple degrees in electrical, electronic, telecommunications and computer engineering with the occasional degree in information systems management or something equivalent. This makes the flexible professionals capable of taking on work beyond just broadcasting specifically, allowing you to use them in ways that aren’t directly traditional broadcasting.

Broadcast engineers are absolutely essential for any sort of broadcast media as they ensure a smooth operation and successful day to day operations in their respective industries. Since a lot of broadcast-based industries are fairly standardized nowadays, a single broadcast engineer can sell his services to multiple stations at once, making them freelancers or contractors by default.

Finding competent broadcast engineers can be difficult as many media platforms are shifting to the internet. Regardless, Freelancer.com will provide you with access to top broadcast engineers in the industry who can help you with some of the more challenging aspects of the broadcasting business:

  • Purchasing your equipment. Freelance broadcast engineers will have experience working with established names in the field and know the type of equipment used as well as which pieces of equipment should be bough to suit your project’s needs.
  • Setting up your broadcasting studio’s front and backend. Setting up broadcasting equipment properly is tricky as all parts need to be compatible with another and be calibrated properly.
  • Establishing broadcasting schedules. Have your freelance broadcasting engineer set up your broadcast schedule as well as planned intermissions and transitions between broadcast content.
  • Maintaining your broadcast. Hire a freelance broadcast engineer to run scheduled maintenance for your system to ensure maximum uptime for your broadcast material.

With Freelancer.com hiring a broadcast engineer is easy and affordable. You set the timeline for the engineer and the pace your project develops at. You set any budgets used in by the engineer, if any apply. Hiring a broadcast engineer can start from as low as $10 per hour, depending on the type of job you have to be taken care of and your negotiation with the applying freelancers. Getting started with the Freelancer.com platform is easy and quick – sign up to make an account, figure out what you need to a freelancer for and log in to post your job details and specifics! You could have some of the top talent in the engineering industries knocking on your door with applications within the day of you posting your details, depending on what you’re looking for. Whether its to build, maintain or expand your broadcasting business, Freelancer.com is your ideal platform to find the right people to bring your team and project to the next level. Get started today!