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    Freelancer in Pretoria, South Africa
    19 Reviews

    I have a wide range of skills and many years of experience to back it up. I am reliable and have high working standards.

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    Freelancer in Fulbari, Bangladesh
    27 Reviews

    TransGlobal365 is a team of native translators across the world. We provide translation of the any languages allow us to ensure that your web site, application, blog, articles, web contents, academic thesis, instruction manual or whatever is clear, concise and error-free high quality translation. * High quality tr ...

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    Freelancer in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    6 Reviews

    I've been working in the office environment for over 10 years, I have plenty of experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. I have also maintained a great deal of company websites. I am fully bilingual in both Afrikaans and English and provide translation proofreading and editing services.

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    Freelancer in Ballito, South Africa
    2 Reviews

    Writing isn't just a job, its passion for ideas and the relentless search for perfection.

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  • sonja45's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    5 Reviews

    I am a talented and experienced editing editor looking to be hired. In my work experience I have versatility as a proofreading editor working on many different projects. I will try to put in my best foot and help you in accomplishing your goals to reach your targeted task. I will involve myself sincerely in your te ...

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    Freelancer in Cape Town, South Africa
    1 Reviews

    Current - : 7 hour per week Marketing Project Management - OnTheGrid, LLC. 8 hour per week Brand ambassador for Drug / Alcohol abuse treatment program - OnTheGrid, LLC Just completed translation from English to Afrikaans for a website. I also support addicts and their families on Reddit and Quora. I am also a Jou ...

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Finding Afrikaans Translators on Freelancer

Are you thinking of expanding your business to South Africa or Namibia or planning to sell a product which should appeal to the African market? Then you might consider translating your website into Afrikaans to appeal better to the mass market. In this case, translating your product brochures and marketing material into Afrikaans might make sense too.

Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken widely in South Africa and Namibia and also in Botswana or Zimbabwe to some extent. It has similarities with Dutch since it originates from the Dutch language and has about 90% to 95% similarity with the Dutch language. In fact, 13.5% of the South African population speaks Afrikaans. 

Translating items into Afrikaans might sound like a great idea, but also might sound impossible to achieve since it’s likely that you lack the manpower fluent in Afrikaans in your local area. Since the supply of manpower is limited, the cost of obtaining such manpower is also high. Hence, employing manpower full time might seem expensive and also might seem redundant since this might be a one-time work. Moreover, since the supply is limited, you might have to settle for someone who is not efficient enough to do the job. Well, don’t worry. Hire a freelance Afrikaans translator via Freelancer.com who is skilled enough to get the job done perfectly and with professionalism. With over 19 million users you're sure to find someone who is highly experienced in the Afrikaans language and can translate any number of materials for you at an affordable price and with utmost professionalism.

Freelancer.com is the leading online platform which offers freelancer services to employers across the globe. Do you know that out of the 19 million registered users, many are Afrikaans writer, Afrikaans proof readers, Afrikaans translators, and Afrikaans interpreters who are ready to provide their services at a competitive price? Log in and choose the freelancer who qualifies for your specific kind of project and bingo, your chances of succeeding in the South African market automatically increases.

Hiring freelancers through Freelancer.com is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. All an employer has to do is post a project on the website mentioning the exact details of their project and the budget for completing the project. The freelancers can then bid on your project with a proposal and an estimated price. You can then interact with as many freelancers as you want and negotiate the terms and conditions. You can also see samples of the freelancer’s work to get assured of the quality of the finished product. Choose the freelancer you want to work with once you are fully satisfied with their work. And considering the enormous database of Afrikaans freelancers that Freelancer.com has, you'll be sure to find the freelancer of your choice, in the shortest amount of time.

Once decided, you can plan to work with the freelancer in two ways – either you can hire the freelancer on a project-by-project basis or you can hire them on an hourly basis. In both cases, you can negotiate the milestones for making payment and pay in tranches as per work done or in a lump sum at the end of the product. You need only release the milestone when you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

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