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Top 6 Windows Mobile Developers Hired This Month

  • abhinavs1ngh's Profile Picture
    Windows Moblie App Developer
    12 Reviews

    Skilled Windows mobile app developer with corresonding experience developing for Windows desktop. Languages used for Windows Mobile app development include JavaScript and PHP.

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  • srayavarapu's Profile Picture
    Windows Mobile App Developer
    51 Reviews

    Experienced Windows mobile app developer offering services for Windows phones. Skilled in the use of all popular Windows mobile development compatible SDKs and JavaScript.

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  • shiva1888's Profile Picture
    Windows Mobile and Web Developer
    30 Reviews

    Windows mobile developer skilled in Windows Phone application development. Has published 10 applications that are live in the Windows app store with more than a million downloads.

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  • Moh7Said's Profile Picture
    Expert Software Developer
    11 Reviews

    Expert software developer skilled in Windows Mobile development. Offers services for Windows phones and mobile platforms and use of PHP, HTML, and JavaScript to complete software.

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  • BugHunters's Profile Picture
    Highly Experienced Development Team
    73 Reviews

    Team of expert developers skilled in Windows mobile development. Has released over 100 apps to date and still going. Offers complete Windows mobile design and development service.

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  • rishabchopra's Profile Picture
    Windows Mobile and Android Developer
    21 Reviews

    Talented Windows mobile and Android developer that is highly skilled in the use of.NET. Offers complete design and app development services for several Windows mobile devices.

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Finding Windows Mobile Developers on Freelancer

Almost everyone in the world now has a smartphone. And with the number of operating systems that are being used, companies are now turning to diversifying their product by making it into mobile applications suited for all kinds of operating systems the devices run on.

Although plenty of consumers are using iOS and Android, Windows has also joined in the competition by developing applications in their new operating system for their devices whether they be desktops, laptops, mobile, and other devices. It has since then penetrated the market and has created a wide following among consumers.

Even though your product has already been developed into an iOS and/or Android application, limiting your product to a certain operating system means limiting the number of customers your product could be of use for. Use as many avenues for your product to be out on the market and available to consumers.

Although designing a Windows mobile app requires a specialist, advancing your company’s reach by developing it into a new application doesn’t have to become a burden to you. With Freelancer.com, you have access to great tech experts and developers that can contribute to your project, no matter how big or small it might be.

Freelancer.com offers a hassle-free platform, where you can post your project and sit-back whilst highly talented and skilled developers and programmers bid for it

Hire a Freelance Windows Mobile Developer to do the following for you:

  • Build and design the Windows mobile application suited for your company
  • Code the designed Windows mobile application for a specific program or device
  • Develop Windows mobile applications from iOS, android, or a website
  • Test and QA existing Windows mobile applications
  • Upgrade or modify existing Windows mobile applications

Simply post your project for FREE and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. With over 19 million registered users, finding an experienced developer or programmer that is right for the job will not be a problem.

You have the option to have a freelancer within your area or choose from a diverse pool of talent all around the world. You can view freelancer profiles that catch your eye, chat with them to get to know them and gauge their personalities, and award your job to your chosen bidder.

Freelancer.com also offers an easy-to-use platform that can help you communicate with the developers and programmers. Freelancer.com has a 24/7 support, time tracker, and with a realtime chat, keeping up-to-date with them is easy. Payment is also easy safe and secure. You can review their bids, and only release payment when you are 100% completely satisfied with the work provided.

Kickstart the development of your company today! - find the right windows mobile developer for your project on Freelancer.com.