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Top 6 Windows CE Developers Hired This Month

  • typo3magento's Profile Picture
    Outstanding Windows CE Programmer
    72 Reviews

    Five star feedback for outstanding quality work related to Microsoft SQL, Windows CE, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, system admin, XML and C++ Programming.

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  • kjg197318's Profile Picture
    Versatile Windows CE Programmer
    100 Reviews

    Versatile freelancer skilled in multiple technologies including Windows CE, Microsoft SQL, SignalR, C# Programming, Amazon Web Services and Visual Basic.

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  • NewHorizons2016's Profile Picture
    Talented Windows CE Programmer
    26 Reviews

    Diversely talented, fully qualified and highly experienced in Windows CE, Microsoft SQL Server, C++ Programming, Windows Desktop, C Programming and Amazon Web Services.

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  • Humpt's Profile Picture
    Experienced Windows CE Developer
    51 Reviews

    Experienced software developer with over 15 years in the field. Specialist skills C++ Programming, Windows CE, Python, MS SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and MS Office.

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  • wenjing325's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Harbin, China
    29 Reviews

    I have the development experiences for 10 years in IT and the project results already successfully ended. I pass through such development languages as C/C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, Android, HTML. My Typical Projects: 1. Business Management System 2. USB Security Solution 3. Diskless Service based on PXE 4. Network Secu ...

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  • augustogus's Profile Picture
    Experienced Windows CE Professional
    31 Reviews

    More than 20 years experience with developing applications in Windows environment. Advanced knowledge of Windows CE, Delphi, Windows 8, OCT and software architecture.

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Finding Windows CE Developers on Freelancer

What is Windows CE? Windows CE is a developer-oriented operating system developed and released by Microsoft. The current version, CE 5.0, is a 32-bit OS that is lightweight, but contains advanced Windows tools for developing specialized software solutions for non-standard computing devices. Windows CE is often used for devices such as point of sales terminals, cameras and application-driven television sets. Windows CE allows developers to create the perfect software solution to make these products easier to use.

One of the primary features that makes Windows CE so ideal for these devices is the fact that this operating system can run on very little memory. Only one megabyte of memory is required for Windows CE to function. Whatever your device may be, it can certainly benefit from a custom software solution based on the Windows CE platform.

A freelancer with experience using Windows CE products can provide an incredible amount of value to you or your organization. Take a product that is difficult to use and create an intuitive software solution to make your product a breeze to use.

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