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Top 6 Voice Talent Professionals Hired This Month

  • VoiceoverMike's Profile Picture
    Expert Voice Over Artist
    183 Reviews

    Full time US Voice Over Pro. Can also do copywriting, content and article writing. With a professional home studio. Can record Youtube tutorials and audio commercials.

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  • markc1542's Profile Picture
    Expert Voice Over Professional
    226 Reviews

    Over 36 years of experience in voice over, radio industry, video voice, business training, YouTube video voice, business training tutorials, TV, and internet marketing promotions.

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  • point2pont's Profile Picture
    Experienced Voice Over Actor
    137 Reviews

    Can work on any voice over/acting projects. Available for training materials, advertisements, commercials, presentations, eBooks, infomercial, tutorials, voice blogging, etc.

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  • VORVoice's Profile Picture
    Flexible Voice Talent
    78 Reviews

    Authorized audiobook narrator/producer with ACX/audible. Loves voicing characters and bringing audiobooks, video games and cartoons to life. Available for commercials as well.

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  • troywhudson's Profile Picture
    Voice Over Professional
    101 Reviews

    Voice over artist for the last 30 years. Experiences in commercials, internet sales and explainers, story telling, eLearning, character voices, audio books, demos.

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  • adamdubeau's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Seven Persons, Canada
    45 Reviews

    “What an excellent job! I am more than satisfied and Adam was ahead of schedule which helps with the timing of my project. Everyone loved the quality of his work.” - cgill2 Adam's voice has a versatile style and is well suited for many commercial voiceover projects such as animation, corporate training tutorials, ...

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Finding Voice Talent Professionals on Freelancer

Having a good voice is a talent not everybody is blessed with. A voice that is sweet and soothing to the ear is a gift only a few people have and even fewer people know how to use it to their benefit. Voice talent refers to professionals who can give voiceovers to video, record audio for various purposes or simply narrate something well. People with voice talent don’t only need a good voice; they also need to know how to pronounce words correctly, how to modulate the voice as per the mood of the text and how to manipulate speaking through a microphone so that the final output is excellent.

Access to voice talent is not easy. You might be located in a specific geography and need a voice over in a foreign language. Even if you want voice over talent in the native language of your geography, voice over talents are usually pretty expensive, especially if the artist is a known persona in the country. Hence, the budget for a lot of projects unnecessarily goes up. 

In today’s world of freelancing, finding voice over artists is neither difficult nor pricey. There are a number of freelancers who are available across the globe who are experienced voice over artists and are ready to offer their services for a reasonable price. They are available in any language of your choice and know their job properly. Don’t lose your sleep on the increasing budget for hiring voice over artists. Instead, look for freelancers who are willing to do your project at the price of your choice.

But where do you find these freelancers? Look no further than Freelancer.com. 

Freelancer.com is a leading website connecting freelancers and employers together. Operating in over 247 countries, you can find voice over talent of any language you want on the platform. You can hire the following voice talents through Freelancer.com:

  • Spanish voice talent
  • Arabic voice talent
  • Native voice talent
  • Male or Female voice talent
  • Singer voice talent
  • Romantic voice talent
  • Child voice talent
  • Teenager voice talent
  • Character voice talent
  • Animal voice talent
  • Answering machine voice talent

And much more! There are many freelancers who speak more than one language to help your project obtain a competitive edge.

So what do you have to do to access these voice talents?

Simply post a project on the website entirely for free and see the bids flow in within minutes. You can interact with as many freelancers as you want and then hire the freelancer who suits your needs. You can check the freelancer’s rating, rehiring rate, feedback left by previous employers and the freelancer’s portfolio to judge the quality of the freelancer and have a look at the previous work done by the freelancer.

Don’t worry about quality or payment. Release a payment only after you are 100% satisfied with the final output.

With Freelancer.com, you are in total control. The chat system and the mobile app helps you to keep in touch with your freelancer at all times.

Post a project today for free and get access to the best voice talents across the world!