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Top 6 VoIP Developers Hired This Month

  • gilbertarias's Profile Picture
    VoIP Professional
    22 Reviews

    A VoIP professional that is SSVVP Certified. Works on a client-centered business delivery model. Hires a team of expert VoIP engineers who can enhance value to various services.

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  • ngxperts's Profile Picture
    VoIP Specialist
    48 Reviews

    Offers the best VoIP engineering help. Has received an ACIS certification. Delivers customized VoIP-based solutions. Has technical expertise in Opensource Consulting.

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  • arodrigue's Profile Picture
    Freelance VoIP Engineer
    69 Reviews

    Adept in delivering voice solutions to clients across the globe. Develops architecture plans for distinct voice services and prepares budget specifications for client.

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  • Asterisker's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mytishchi, Russian Federation
    23 Reviews

    Work with VoIP and PSTN, experience with the signaling protocols: SIP, SDP, RTP, IAX2, H323, SS7, TLS, SRTP. Interfaces DAHDI, AMI, AGI, PRI. Setting up and supporting Call centre, about 30 operators. Setting up VoIP using Asterisk, dialplan creating, developing Asterisk code, PHP, bash. Assisting developers with ...

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  • ast3r1sk's Profile Picture
    Skilled VoIP Engineer
    34 Reviews

    A graduate in IT and has a 3-year experience as a VoIP engineer. Ensures compliance to all infrastructure standards and policies for many supplier-proposed solutions.

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  • altr's Profile Picture
    Online VoIP Engineer
    44 Reviews

    Monitors efficient working of multifaceted and complex projects, including VoIP projects. Analyzes security problems on network and develops new technologies/solutions.

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Finding VoIP Developers on Freelancer

What is voice over IP? Voice over IP, or “VoIP”, is a technology that allows for users to place phone calls over a network. Most VoIP users make their calls over the Internet, but the technology also allows for calls to be made over local networks as well. VoIP is a great option for companies looking to save money on communications, as VoIP is typically much cheaper than standard telephone rates. This is especially true for companies that make a large number of expensive international calls. VoIP technology consists of both hardware and software components and a business interested in implementing VoIP technology should have the technicians available to implement and maintain these technologies. Don’t have those VoIP specialists on your team? Freelancer can help.

A freelancer with experience using VoIP products can provide an incredible amount of value to you or your organization. With the ability to implement Internet-based communications systems, a VoIP expert will be able to harness the power of your network infrastructure to communicate with clients all over the world. Save your organization money on expensive international phone calls by implementing a VoIP solution. Find the VoIP specialists you need at Freelancer.com!

Interested in hiring a freelancer for your VoIP-related project? You’ve come to the right place! Freelancer.com is the web’s premier source for crowdsourcing and boasts some of the world’s most talented contractors. You’re sure to be blown away by the quality and quantity of the freelancers on our site.

Ready to get started? Finding the right freelancer for your VoIP project has never been easier. Freelancer.com has several different ways for employers to let our community of contractors know about your job.

Many employers choose to post their project publicly. Simply provide a detailed description of your projects objectives and expectations, the skills needed to complete the project and the project’s budget. It won’t take long for freelancers from around the world to find your project and place competitive bids along with their proposal to complete your project.

Employers may also choose to hand-pick their freelancer. Freelancer.com offers a directory of the workers available for hire on the site. Employers can browse freelancer profiles based on skills, location and more. View each freelancer’s profile and take advantage of the ability to hire them directly!

Can’t decide which freelancer to choose? Don’t worry, that’s a good problem to have. With as much talent as there is on Freelancer.com, the choice won’t always be obvious. Fortunately, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the site’s elite talent. Before posting your public project, be sure to request your own personal talent recruiter. These friendly recruiters help to make your decision easy! In addition to bringing these Preferred Freelancers to your project, the talent recruiters will offer their personal recommendation for which freelancer to hire. The Preferred Freelancer Program exists to make staffing a successful project as painless as possible.

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring a VoIP expert, are you ready to make your next hire? With Freelancer.com, finding the right talent is easy. Post your project today!