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    Freelancer in Eluru, India
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    - Service at Fingertips!!! It is an IT Explorer profile. Working on diversified technologies and achieving top notch performance. World is so small than Universe. Sarcscoin can offer smart solution and does not limit to the below. -- MS Office Suite: Excel Complex Formulas, VBA (Macro) Programming, Word, Mail M ...

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    Expert In Visual Basic
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    Highly recommended professional with more than 6 years experience related to Excel, Excel VBA, Visual Basic, data mining, data processing and web scraping.

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    Experienced Visual Basic Consultant
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    Professional freelancer with vast experience related to Visual Basic for apps, Excel, C++ Programing, Microsoft access. Andoid, logo design and Visual Basic.

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    Veteram Visual Basic Programmer
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    VB.NET senior programmer with 10 years of experience. Areas of expertise include Visual Basic, software architecture, Windows Desktop, VB.NET and C Programming.

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    Experienced Visual Basic Professional
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    Experienced freelancer with advanced knowledge in software artichtecture, Visual Basic, algorithm, C++ programming, Java, .NET, Python and Bootstrap.

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    Versatile Visual Basic Programmer
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    Trustworthy, reliable freelancer with experience in Visual Basic, Ms Excel - VBA, Macros, Pivot tables, Grafs, Dashboards, Managing data, reports and conversions.

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Finding Visual Basic Developers on Freelancer

Visual Basic (VB) was a programming language phenomenon throughout the 1990’s and early 2000. First released in 1991, the program quickly became a global third-generation programming language up to being declared legacy in 2008.

The program itself is derived from BASIC and, in technical terms, it enables the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface applications as well as using data access objects, remote data objects, ActiveX data objects and ActiveX controls.

The Visual Basic programming language allows users to quickly and easily develop a bank of visual controls with sliders, switches, and meters or create a complex user form.

To non-programmers, Visual Basic can be an overwhelming language and while IT systems use the program today, you’re best to engage a professional programmer with extensive experience in Visual Basic if you’re looking to update or enhance your IT infrastructure.

The last release of the program was Visual Basic 6.0; this is often referred to as Visual Basic 2010 and in today’s terms just ‘Visual Basic’.

Visual Basic supports a number of common programming constructs and language elements and has the following features:

  • GUI Interface - the Visual Basic program will show something on the screen that the user can integrate and interact with, this is done via a pull down menu that lists the available objects.
  • Modularization - programmers can practice good programming etiquette by writing code that is set in modules on the screen. This style allows for easy updates and avoids unnecessary errors.
  • Object Oriented Programming - this process allows the programmer to think of the programs in ‘objects’ and interact with each other.

Visual Basic, in essence is all about good programming etiquette and practices, and its simplicity and functionality has made the program a popular choice almost 25 years after the original product was released to market.

Unless you are an experienced programmer trained and up to date with the latest computer programming techniques, you’re best to engage a professional Visual Basic expert ahead of updating or creating new VB code.

Working with code can be problematic and engaging a freelancer who is an expert in this programming language will offer a range of benefits including experience, knowledge and a range of cost savings.

Tasks for Visual Basic programmers may include:

  • Client / service programming
  • Building ActiveX controls
  • Database programming
  • Development environment generation and add-ins
  • API

Freelancer Visual Basic experts are available from just $10 USD per hour, making them a viable option for projects on a strict budget.

Freelance programmers are cost effective, as they don’t have the high cost of IT experts on salary and in fancy firms, engaging a freelancer from Freelancer.com will provide a Visual Basic professional without the high-end price tag.

Visit Freelancer.com and find the perfect Visual Basic programmer for your next project.