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  • shanakaph's Profile Picture
    Unix Software Developer
    20 Reviews

    Experienced open source software developer. Uses platforms such as Qt to create ground breaking software. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all people.

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  • fulldev's Profile Picture
    Unix Administrator Expert
    20 Reviews

    Unix administration expert. Experienced background in various Unix Distros and in the command interface. Delivers high quality work with quick turnaround.

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  • utkarshkatiyar19's Profile Picture
    Unix Security
    280 Reviews

    Expert in open source platforms and security. Strong knowledge in cloud computing security apparatus. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all.

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  • kaloyan13's Profile Picture
    Professional Data center manager
    332 Reviews

    A well known data center manager wilth more than three years experience in the field of running data centers. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all.

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  • williamyose's Profile Picture
    Unix Cloud Computing
    16 Reviews

    Professional with more than ten years experience in the field of cloud computing as well as excellent knowledge in cloud computing applications and cloud computing security.

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  • stonemct's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Saint-Peterburg, Russian Federation
    5 Reviews

    I love my job and i love my free time. skills linux\unix : - web ( apache, tomcat, nginx, php, ftp, etc ) - DataBases ( Oracle, Postgress, Mysql) - virtualizing ( kvm, vmware, proxmox, qemu, etc) - DNS, LDAP, mercurial, puppet, squid, samba, etc - vpn ( openVPN, pptp, etc) - mail ( exim, devcot, sendmail) - backup ...

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Finding UNIX Engineers on Freelancer

UNIX is a popular operating system introduced by Bell Labs sometime in the early 1970s. Created by a few select programmers, this multi-user, multitasking OS was designed to be small and flexible and for the exclusive use of programmers.

Why should you be using UNIX?

  • Flexibility – it can be installed on a wide range of machines from main-frame computers and micro-computers to supercomputers
  • Stability – Unix has far less downtime as compared to Windows, which means it requires minimum administration and far less maintenance
  • More powerful built-in security and greater permissions features as compared to Windows
  • Far greater processing power as compared to Windows
  • Does not require the user to spend money on regular updates, new hardware or prerequisite software
  • Inspires innovative approaches to software design, such as resolving problems by interconnecting simpler tools rather than create large, unwieldy monolithic application programs

Its portability, power and flexibility has made made UNIX a leading operating system for workstations. If you want to harness the power and flexibility of UNIX, the good news is an expert can help you!

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