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    Software Testing Experts
    51 Reviews

    Dynamic team of 16 experts with more than 7 years of experience in Manual, Automation (Mobile & Web), Performance, API's, & Mobile, Usability, Load, Cross-browser, Server Testing.

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    Freelancer in MADURAI, India
    10 Reviews

    TETS , is a Software company and we are providing TESTING services,software development . Our Team have 5 QA and 4 Developers Testing Services we offer: ************************** Automation: Selenium Webdriver,UFT(QTP) and Protractor Language:JAVA ,Python,Ruby,NodeJs,Java script & C# Mobile - Android...

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  • shivakrishnach31's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hyderabad, India
    9 Reviews

    Web and Mobile Automation Test Engineer. Expert in Selenium web-driver and Appium

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  • SanaTayyab91's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    1 Reviews

    As an embedded systems engineer, I have • Developed firmware for Industrial RF-remote-control systems • Developed firmware for Smart Grid • Developed drivers in C for various microcontroller peripherals • Developed device drivers for Linux Kernel • Been involved in design and development of embedded turn-key...

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  • sireeshajagdish's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in scottsdale, United States
    2 Reviews

    I am expert in Web Research, knowledgeable with Microsoft Office Applications, Google applications (Docs, Spreadsheets, Hangouts, Gmail, Drive). I have excellent command over English and telugu languages. I thus can offer Translation services. I also describe myself as an Entry Level QA Tester, applying knowledge of...

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  • itoolssoft's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Giza, Egypt
    1 Reviews

    Very expert in .Net,.Net core, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, Html Expert in Typescript, Angular 2

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Finding Automation Testers on Freelancer

There is nothing worse than going live with an app or software product only to find that your much-anticipated product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. While the old phrase says that you are your own worst critic, that’s not always true and in the case of consumer product release, your customer can often be your worst critic.

Test automation is a tool used to increase the success and efficiency of software testing. It is a unique software which controls the execution of tests and compares predicted results against actual results. Test automation is vital for any organization that is releasing a software product as part of their product range.

Benefits of test automation include the following:

  • It is cheap – it is something that you’ll pay a professional to carry out once, they will provide results so that you can fix any bugs and make changes before release.
  • It is reliable – with automated testing, all areas where testing is required are performed. It is more efficient than manual testing as it isn’t possible to miss or forget to test some areas.
  • It reduces risk to your product – the more people that are involved with manually testing a product, the more risk it is exposed to. Test automation will reduce the number of handlers keeping the product safe.
  • It is versatile – There are many ways test automation can provide results and feedback on your product including how it currently acts and how it will act in the future based on specified usage.

There are many protocols to adhere to within test automation. If you are releasing any software, it is essential that you engage with a test automation professional who is knowledgeable on these protocols.  They will ensure that best practice is followed and that the most efficient methods of test automation are adopted.

You might have an ad hoc need for a test automation expert so hiring a specialist through Freelancer.com will provide you with the best quality results without overextending your budget. Test automation is a vital aspect of any software company, however, having those skills at your disposal on a permanent basis is not the best use of your budget.

Due to the nature of the work, a test automation expert found on Freelancer.com will often have the set-up available to work from a home office or any remote location. This means that their overheads are low, and they can pass those savings onto you, offering you a reduction in your hourly rate. It also means that they’re not tied to an agency or a software testing company, so they can work outside of standard office hours. This will allow them to complete your task within an agreed timeframe getting your project completed faster.

If you have a testing automation project that needs completing within a specified budget and time frame register with Freelancer.com today. You will have access to a community of professional individuals who have the skills necessary to deliver the results of your test automation project with minimum disruption to your existing operations and minimum impact to your budget. Log onto Freelancer.com today to view the extensive range of options for your next project.