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    Best supplier Sourcing Manager
    76 Reviews

    As a motivated and dedicated freelancer, this person is the best choice for your supplier sourcing management issues. Nice expertise in Product Sourcing, Purchasing, & Data Entry.

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    Supplier Sourcing Expert
    25 Reviews

    15 years experience as a supplier sourcing expert in business. Highly skilled as an entrepreneur, trader and logistics and sale/purchase coordinator for petroleum products.

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    Freelancer in Winnipeg, Canada
    4 Reviews

    I am a Brazilian English teacher with 7 years of experience and I also work as a free-lancer translator. I've already traveled to several cities in the US and I have lived for 1 year in Toronto, Canada. I've studied Business Administration Management at Seneca College in Canada and in Brazil I am in the sixth semester...

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    Freelancer in Barranquilla, Colombia
    3 Reviews

    Hi ill be pleased to complete any order in the shortest time so dont be afraid to offer me any job thanks :)

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    Freelancer in Guangzhou, Malaysia
    5 Reviews

    I am certified in virtual media by training, having produced numerous audio visual presentations since my time in college. I am also proficient in both English and Chinese languages having spent time in China since 2007. I have experience developing websites using HTML5, CSS, PHP and JAVA scripts.

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    Freelancer in Shanghai, China
    3 Reviews

    Fluent in English, Chinese and Polish Over 5 years of sourcing experience A solid network of local and international contacts Experience: +Product Sourcing +Supplier Sourcing +Manufacturing +Product Design +Shipping & Logistics +General Marketing

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Finding Supplier Sourcing Experts on Freelancer

Sourcing suppliers is as important as sourcing products. If you are a manufacturer, you'll need suppliers that provide you with high quality raw materials, to enable you to produce good quality products. If you are a seller, you will need suppliers to help your products reach the final market. Supply is a crucial function in any business since an effective supply chain can make or break a product. Supply chain management is a complicated task where cost management is crucial. The higher the cost of the tasks involved in a supply chain, the cost of the end product goes up finally affecting the sales price. Supply chain management is also crucial from a timing perspective too. If the raw materials are not supplied on time, the manufacturing process gets disrupted. Similarly, if the products are not supplied to the whole-sellers and retailers on time, revenue gets affected directly.

Supply chain management, hence is a critical task and needs to be managed efficiently. Employing a full time supply chain manager is expensive and finding an experienced supply chain manager is difficult.

But, there's good news! 

There are many experienced supply chain managers who work as freelancers and render their services to anyone who wants to hire them. Finding them is also surprisingly easy. You just have to visit Freelancer.com, an online platform which has an astonishing 19 million users (and growing!), many of whom are supply chain managers. Since Freelancer.com covers over 247 countries and regions, it is highly likely that many of these freelancers might even belong to your location. You also have the option of hiring a global freelancer belonging to a different country, who can give you access to larger skill set.

You can hire freelancers from the portal for the following services:

  • Sourcing suppliers for bikes
  • Sourcing suppliers in the European market
  • Sourcing supplier twitter followers
  • Google plus suppliers
  • Facebook fan suppliers
  • Sourcing agents
  • Supplier PVA
  • Sourcing suppliers in Latvia

And many more!

The best part is that freelancers can be hired on Freelancer.com in matter of minutes!

Simply post a project for FREE and sit back and relax. The freelancers with relevant skill set will start bidding for your project almost instantaneously, giving you ample choice to pick and choose the best one. You can view the previous work done by the freelancers to check the quality of work that they can deliver.

Once you earmark the freelancer you want to work with, you can award the project to the freelancer and the work will start immediately.

If this wasn’t all, there’s more good news for you. You can choose to make payment based on pre-decided milestone which will help in cash flow management and release a milestone only when you are completely satisfied with the work that has been done.

Freelancer.com ensures that you are in total control of your project through a number of facilities available only for YOU.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Hire a supply sourcing freelancer from Freelancer.com today, and watch your business grow at a scorching pace!