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  • puneetjaini's Profile Picture
    Software Testing Consultant
    2248 Reviews

    Expert in testing static and dynamic websites, ASP, Photoshop, Flash, DOT NET 2.0, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Zencart, Wordpress, XHTML, HTML, CSS and OsCommerce.

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  • singhking2807's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in KURUKSHETRA, India
    26 Reviews

    Over the last 4 years, I have developed a wide range of Professional Projects using Wordpress,Andriod, IOS, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, Html5, CSS , Bootstrap and MySQL including sites, Apps for startup companies and small businesses. I also have some experience in the following areas: SQL, Ajax, OOP, and software...

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  • Softmania's Profile Picture
    Talented Software Testing Professional
    378 Reviews

    Experienced in Wordpress and software testing. Offers expertise in the development of custom Wordpress themes and custom plugins. Excellent reviews from former clients.

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  • TakeReal's Profile Picture
    Software Testing Consultant
    941 Reviews

    Experienced freelance programmer offering expert services in all types of Magento projects, MySQL projects and PHP projects. Highly recommended for software testing.

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  • eboxgr's Profile Picture
    Software Performance Testing Expert
    81 Reviews

    Versatile web developer offering a wide range of services including website management, software testing and software architecture. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • hits's Profile Picture
    Expert Software Testing Team
    1152 Reviews

    Business with team of designers and developers with expertise and experience in Photoshop, software testing, Wordpress, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, Google Map API and MySQL.

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Finding Software Testers on Freelancer

The purpose of hiring or engaging a software testing expert is to gain an independent view of a software application to ensure consistency with original business, technology, and developmental requirements. The intent of software testing is to identify and fix bugs or software failures to ensure an application executes as expected, providing a high-quality product for concerned stakeholders, and reducing the risk during product deployment within the marketplace.  

Software testing is an ongoing process as opposed to a single activity. Historically, software testing was a generalized term. Over the last three decades’ software testing has become a separate profession, with a range of different roles obtainable by software testers. Occupations include testers, test designers, test analysts, test leads, managers and more.

Software testing requires a strategic approach to evaluation. Even with a single product there are frequently infinite testing possibilities, so calculated decisions need to be made on how to best use available time and resource. During an evaluation, software testers will assess a multitude of components to ensure they respond correctly to interactions, within a satisfactory timeframe, delivering an optimal result.

It is inconceivable to identify all defects or bugs within software during testing. Often fixing one deficiency can illuminate another, or even create new ones. Testing will analyze a product within specific conditions and look to reduce defects to a level at which a business accepts the risk associated with releasing a product. Ongoing testing and bug fixing is an iterative process incorporating user feedback and data analysis once an application is exposed to significant scale.

Two high-level approaches to testing exist. Phased approach testing is completed only after an application is developed and implemented into a testing environment. An agile testing approach occurs continuously alongside ongoing programming work.

Static testing methodology involves verification. Testers use programming tools or text editors to check source code compliance. Dynamic testing, on the other hand, is about validation. During dynamic testing programmed code is executed in specific test cases. This is typically completed using stubs or via execution in a debugger environment.

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If you need resources for your new software or web application, then you should consider the services of a skilled freelancer. Using freelancers delivers lower running costs and overheads for your business, a quicker start and faster turnaround time, and the use of an employee where it is their best interests to be successful.

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