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  • kaloyan13's Profile Picture
    Skilled Programmer
    335 Reviews

    A skilled programmer with strong background in C/C++/C#, able to parallel program using OpenMP and MPI. Can work with projects needing Bash Scripting and Linux/UNIX systems.

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  • AhmedWessam's Profile Picture
    Experienced Web Developer
    20 Reviews

    Skilled in writing clean code with skills in areas of HTML5, C++/C# programming, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, and PHP. Delivers fast service as per client's needs.

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  • Archik's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Minsk, Belarus
    19 Reviews

    Work at developing the automate system to deploy virtual machines on Vmware, KVM, SoftLayer, etc. Utilize different programming languages such as Perl, Ruby(Ruby on Rails), PowerShell, Bash, etc. Have quite wide experience at administering VMware infrastructure.

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  • kaloyandobrev's Profile Picture
    Experienced Software Developer
    8 Reviews

    Experienced software developer with specializations in areas of Objective-C, Python, Linux Programming, C++, and Java. Creates softwares for Windows and iOS platforms

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  • coderjp's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dunedin, United States
    58 Reviews

    99.4% Percentile Ranking on VWorker prior to Conversion to Freelancer.com. IQ: 157. ## BIO 17 years programming experience. For the last 3 years I've been creating websites, databases, accounting systems, and gateways for forex brokerages. 13 years experience programming indicators and strategies for day trading. 5...

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  • joeynorris22's Profile Picture
    Skilled Database Administrator
    5 Reviews

    An experienced programmer, specializing in Apache, MySQL, and MSSQL. Has background in Linux and Windows systems and able to troubleshoot any technical problems.

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Finding Shell Script Developers on Freelancer

What is shell script? The term “shell script” is generally used to describe the automated running of an operating system shell. For Windows users, this would be similar to working with MS-DOS. Mac and Linux users might be more familiar with the term “Terminal”.

The shell script itself is a program designed to be run from the command line. Specific shell script variants are called “scripting languages”. Shell script is typically used for computing processes such as file manipulation, text display and program file operation. A script designed to set up an environment, run a program and perform any other tasks such as session logging are referred to as “wrappers”.

A freelancer with experience using and creating shell script can provide an incredible amount of value to you or your organization. Shell programming is especially useful for system administration, quickly completing mundane tasks such as file renaming quickly and easily while using only a few lines of code. IT experts often use shell code to identify and repair problems with a system. The use for shell code is virtually limitless. Hire a shell code expert and see what they can do for you!

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