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    Resourceful Samsung Developer
    552 Reviews

    Resourceful freelancer with diverse skills including app development for Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad. Excellent feedback for creative, efficient services.

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  • mahtab7's Profile Picture
    Accomplished Samsung Developer
    108 Reviews

    Highly accomplished freelancer, skilled in multiple fields including app development for Samsung and Android, game design and development, software architecture and cloud testing.

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  • TenStar718's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Shenayng, China
    314 Reviews

    High Quality + Fast Speed = Excellent Result + Business Success, this is my working style. In this site, if you want to implement your idea, then I am always ready for you. My Skills are as follows: - Social App - Online buy/sell Marketing/Shopping business App - Online Chatting/Messaging App - Photo/camera/Video/ ...

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  • zhengnami13's Profile Picture
    Expert Samsung Developer
    235 Reviews

    Proven track record for delivering exceptionally robust and well-designed work related to Native iOS, Samsung, Android, and Black Berry mobile development, OpenTok and Xamarin iOS.

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  • AsmaAhmed93's Profile Picture
    Highly Ranked Samsung Freelancer
    57 Reviews

    Highly ranked freelancer with vast experience in app development for iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Android and Nokia. Skilled in software architecture and cloud testing.

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  • baniksubir1's Profile Picture
    Creative Samsung Programmer
    77 Reviews

    Creative, talented freelancer specializing in Samsung app development, iPhone, iPad, game design, MySQL, Mobile phone, vBulletin, HTML5, Android development and Javascript.

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Finding Samsung Developers on Freelancer

Samsung is one of the world’s leading technological companies and holds a prominent position within the consumer goods industry. Founded in 1938, this South Korean based company is best known for manufacturing a wide range of electronic goods, ranging from mobile phones to televisions and other household appliances.

Samsung’s products incorporate some of the latest technological advances. Behind all the hardware that you see and the fancy devices that you use, lie some very complicated software.

If you are experiencing issues with your Samsung product or are thinking of building an app that compatible for a Samsung device, you should consider hiring an expert,

These are just some of benefits of hiring a Samsung developer:

  • Working with an SDK (Samsung Development Kit) can be very complex if you are not familiar with this field. If you are planning to launch an app for your business, it is important that it is done right or else it would end up being a waste of resources. An expert who is familiar with the technology and development process will ensure that your final application runs flawlessly.

  • Samsung technology is not limited only to mobile phones. An expert in app development will also help you develop versions of the application that will be compatible with other devices like the Samsung Gear and their range of Smart TVs. This will expand the reach of your product tremendously.

  • A Samsung support expert will be able to guide you step-by-step through any trouble that you face even after the development stage so that you can ensure your application is running smoothly on every Samsung platform.

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Hiring a Samsung developer on Freelancer.com is a far more efficient way to get any app developed for your company. Post a project on Freelancer.com today.