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    Knowledgeable in Quantum Physics
    27 Reviews

    With a PhD in physics and has a good knowledge in both physics and math. Also has some experiences in programming using mostly C++. Years of experience working as a physicist.

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    Freelancer in Arequipa, Peru
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    I'm a... -Physicist -Scientific Software Developer (using C, C#, F#, FORTRAN languages) -Web Developer. (using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Apache, MySQL) and -Translator. I have experience doing my work and be continued improving my skills ever. Delivering the best results on time and with professional quality.

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    Freelancer in Toronto, Canada
    2 Reviews

    Skills: Linux Bash Fortran Matlab/Octave Python Git Parallel programming with OpenMP and MPI High performance computing Performance optimization Machine learning & data science scikit-learn (sklearn) Science Physics Math Numerical Statistics Other --------- OpenFOAM Tensorflow Paraview QT aqbanking

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    Freelancer in Barcelona, Spain
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    Translator in any directions within English, Spanish and Portuguese. I am Brazilian Marketing and Public Relations professional with more than 6 years of experience in: • Press Release creation, revision and distribution • Responsible for Public Relations in Brazil and Portugal markets • Social Media Marketing...

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    Freelancer in Midtjylland, Denmark
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    Trilingual, experienced with online media and hosting My areas of expertise are: - HTML5 Players for SHOUTcast and Icecast - SAM Broadcaster - and various other programs for streaming I have worked with over a dozen radio stations from all over the world, and can cater to any request in this...

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    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
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    Sound Knowledge in - Data Structure and Algorithms - Image Processing - Pattern Recognition - Natural Language Processing - Soft Computing - Computer Vision (OCR, 3D Image Rendering) - Information and Coding theory - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Data Mining and Warehousing - Big data Interested in-...

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Finding Quantum Developers on Freelancer

Quantum theory originated in 1900 and is based on the principle developed by Max Planck that energy and matter both exist as individual units known as quanta.

Key components of Quantum theory:

  • Energy is made up of individual units rather than a continuous matter.  
  • Depending on the environment; matter and energy can perform like either waves or particles.
  • It is impossible to predict the movement of particles as it happens entirely at random.
  • It cannot be presumed that particles or waves have particular assets until the point that they’re assessed.

Developments in Quantum theory have, in recent years extended into the Information Technology sector and Quantum computing or Quantum IT is the growth of computer technology using the philosophies of the Quantum theory.

Research into Quantum computing began in 1984 when David Deutsch struck on the idea of designing a computer with its foundations laying in Quantum theory.  The theory that a particle can survive in many states opened up a new realm of computing removing limitations that previously existed.

Key differences in Quantum computing:

  • The main unit of information is known as a qubit.  Qubits are stockpiled as units known as photons.
  • Data can be managed much faster.
  • Quantum computing can use optical fibre links to grant safeguarded communication.
  • A Quantum computer can operate with a logic gate which has two modes.

The two most significant aspects of quantum physics are Superposition and Entanglement. Used together the two concepts have the capacity to create a computer with enormous power and capabilities which can perform many logical operations simultaneously.

One of the biggest barriers in introducing quantum computing into our day-to-day lives is the practical fact that it is currently impossible to operate qubits using silicon chips.  Despite this, research continues and is evolving continually. Quantum computing is an idea that once seemed like it was a space-age theory for the future. The reality now though is that within as little as 10 years, it could be mainstream in homes and offices across the globe.

If you are conducting research into Quantum computing or you are looking to introduce this as a new area into your business, hiring a Quantum expert through Freelancer.com will enhance your results. They will be able to impart their expert knowledge on Quantum theory and Quantum physics to assist with your research and professional development.

Quantum theory is a particularly specialized area of research and if you intend to use those theories to enhance your organization it is essential that you engage with a Quantum expert found through Freelancer.com.

Quantum Computing was once just a vision for the future but with research evolving with ground-breaking speed, the future could be upon us much sooner than was initially anticipated.