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    Legal Writing Expert
    179 Reviews

    Produces top quality academic writing and legal writing for needs of clients. Believes in punctuality. Capable of academic and legal support.

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    Talented Lawyer
    18 Reviews

    Able to provide all legal support needed by the client no matter the legal issue at hand. Best at dealing with any kind of legal dilemmas and ready to give solutions to clients.

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    Freelancer in Patna, India
    32 Reviews

    Areas of Service: Regulatory Compliance Business Writing Legal Writing Project Report and Market Research Report Business Plan Content/Review/Report writing Strategic Management Securities Law and Stock Trading Labor Law and Arbitration Accounting and Administration Financial Planning and Analysis Direct and ...

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    Experienced Writer
    9 Reviews

    Proficient writer, who can produce legal research and analysis for clients, enjoys writing about topics of technology and other law related fields.

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  • gauravsaggi's Profile Picture
    Qualified Lawyer
    702 Reviews

    Experienced in providing legal services to clients without breaking the bank. Contracts, Patents, and Terms are some of the areas of expertise.

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    Skilled Legal Consultant
    9 Reviews

    Able to provide legal services for any legal situations for both individuals and companies, able to handle negotiations for businesses.

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Finding Property Lawyers on Freelancer

It is almost impossible to work and buy real estate, thus ensuring your financial and residential convenience without the help of a legal person. Property Law is a branch of law dealing with such things, and there is no person on this planet that doesn't need their help at some point in their lives. 

What Skills Does a Property Law Expert Have?

Since Property Law is the area of law that is concerned with various forms of ownership and tenancy in personal property and in real property (land has to be differentiated from personal or movable possessions); obviously, a university degree is required in order to be fully qualified for this kind of job. Additionally, experience in doing this job is crucial and perhaps even more important. Why is this so? Because, encountering the same interest in the same property between different parties is very common. Sometimes, it can be by mistake, but sometimes it can also be by fraud. These situations are the ones which require a dispute, and these disputes can only be resolved by the court.

What Does a Property Law Expert do?

In short, these experts help people with property-related issues. It doesn’t matter whether the process in question is buying or selling real estate, a Property Law expert is the one who negotiates between the two parties in making agreements, contracts, payment, as well as taking care of all the paperwork being done correctly and on time. Furthermore, they are also concerned with Tax Law, Employment Law, Project Management and Contracts.

What specific tasks can a Property Law expert help you with?

  • First and foremost, protecting  the clients' interests at all times, as well as being cautious because of potential fraud or money laundering
  • Preparing and delivering terms of engagement and estimates of fees and disbursements
  • Collecting and checking Land Registry documents
  • Preparing and checking sales contracts and terms of agreement with the other party
  • Writing, preparing, checking and sending supporting legal and financial documents
  • Exchanging contracts and completing the transaction
  • Obtaining the landlord's agreement to the sale or the change of mortgage (if the real estate is rent)
  • Receiving and checking mortgage instructions, preparing transfer and mortgage deeds

Hiring a Property Law Expert on Freelancer.com

There are so many advantages of hiring anyone on Freelancer, but when it comes to Property Law experts, the biggest one is that you can choose which one you want to hire depending on their skills and projects they’ve done, since these pieces of information are clearly visible on their profiles. Additionally, it is much faster to log in, post your project and decide who to choose, than searching your or local area to find the best one. 

Simply post a project (with a detailed description of the work to be done), and sit-back and wait for the bids to flow in. You'll receive multiple bids from the best talent around the world, in just minutes.

Finding the perfect Property Law expert for your next project, is easy! Get started today!