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  • ahmsak's Profile Picture
    Prolog Developer
    154 Reviews

    Expert ProLog coding and documentation using Trace and other functional and logic planning. Also an algorithm developer, Matlab programmer, and a software architect.

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  • hectorenavarrou's Profile Picture
    Prolog Professor
    53 Reviews

    Computer Science professor with over 20 years of experience in computer graphics, web developing, and apps using C++, .NET, and Java. Also proficient in Prolog and Algorithm.

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  • VladimirLilenko's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Polotsk, Belarus
    52 Reviews

    I'm a Databases Developer, FileMaker, Access, Excel and VBA expert more than seven years. I have completed many complex projects in my practice. Trust me and you will not be disappointed! I first logged on to and hope to bring a lot of benefit to my clients. User-friendly interface of completed projects, frequent...

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  • CapelliC's Profile Picture
    Senior Software Engineer
    23 Reviews

    Proficient in Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, Java, Prolog, Haskell; Technologies: .NET, XML, Android, NFC with several years of experience. Recommended for being always on time.

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  • user318's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Prague, Czech Republic
    6 Reviews

    I have wide and deep experience at least in this areas: - Networking (from local networks up to transit providers) - Linux (administration, networking, services, containers, security and more) Try me!

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  • cimemi's Profile Picture
    Software Engineer
    5 Reviews

    Senior lead with 10 years experience in Prolog, Object Oriented Programming, Logic Programming, Algorithms, algorithms complexity, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Finding Prolog Developers on Freelancer

What is Prolog? Prolog was the first general-purpose programming language to use the logical programming method as opposed to the objective programming methods seen a majority of the modern programming languages.

Logical programming is based largely on formal logic. Each problem in code is answered by a set of facts and rules pertaining to the problem itself. Developers use a combination of logic statements and controls to arrive at a solution. Prolog, which was one of the first computer programming languages to use such a syntax. While Prolog and logical programming languages are not used widely in industry today, Prolog remains a valuable tool for scientists and companies developing artificial intelligence.

Similarly, logical programming languages are also considered very useful in the fields of computational linguistics and computer / human interaction. If your company is considering the pursuit of these fields, it would be wise to consider hiring an individual with this unique skill set. The number of Prolog developers is small when compared to the number of standard programming languages. Where could you possibly find a Prolog developer to meet your organization’s need? The answer is Freelancer.com.

Freelancer is the place online to hire a freelance Prolog developer. With as many ways as there are for employers to hire a Prolog developer on the site, your next Prolog-related project will be on its way in no time!

How do you hire a freelancer exactly? That’s a great question! Employers can hire a developer by posting a public project. Posting a public project is free for employers. Just write a description outlining your project’s deliverables and expectations and then wait for your qualified and competitive bids from freelance developers to pour in!

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With all of the talented freelance developers on the site, it’s completely understandable if you become overwhelmed by the decision you’re about to make. It’s a good problem to have! Fortunately, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the site’s top Prolog development talent and made it directly available to you! By hiring one of Freelancer.com’s talent recruiters, your project will be shared with the best developers that Freelancer has to offer.

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Hiring a freelance developer on Freelancer.com is as easy as ever, so what are you waiting for? Kickstart your Prolog application development project today by finding your next freelance application developer at Freelancer.com.