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    Freelancer in Danville, United States
    8 Reviews

    I am a detail oriented multi tasker with a wide variety of skills, interests, and abilities. I have experience in all aspects of making an office, project, and company run smoothly and efficiently. I am also extremely organized and have a knack for organizing others. I have worked in accounting and finance, the...

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  • kalpaviruksha's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in chennai, India
    2 Reviews

    I am a talented BPO Executive open to accept and take up any BPO or Copy Typing jobs you have. I have strong knowledge in the BPO and Copy Typing field. My skills will prove to be beneficial to your jobs. If outsourced by you for your project I will strive for excellence with my continued efforts.

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    Freelancer in cairo, Egypt
    1 Reviews

    I am a native arabic speaker, fluent in english and i can help you learn arabic. I have a well-advanced knowledge of Microsoft office and wordpress, and I have good typing speed for data entry What concerns you before hiring me for any work on Freelancer that I'm accurate and committed to the deadline, doing the best...

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    Freelancer in Jessore, Bangladesh
    3 Reviews

    I'm self driven web research, data mining and lead generation professional with an excellent work ethic “Timely and Quality Service". My experiences and professionalism is the key to exceeding my client's expectations. I know how to value their time, trust and budget. My dedication, integrity, and diligent pursuit of...

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    Freelancer in layyah, Pakistan
    1 Reviews

    Past two years, I have worked with various admin support companies which develop my skills in awarding with excellent, effective and efficient results as per my jobs responsibility. I am in search of new and challenging responsibilities in order to keep on my career path and desire to set up an excellent working...

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    Freelancer in Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of
    5 Reviews

    I am capable of data typing, internet researching, and any administrative type of jobs. Also, I am knowledgeable on basic Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, and Power point application. I am fully capable of providing reliable & great quality work.

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Finding Procurement Experts on Freelancer

Procurement is defined as the act of buying goods, services, or works from an external source, often done by bidding or tendering. An expert in procurement will have excellent communication and negotiation skills, impeccable use of organizational and recordkeeping systems and an advanced knowledge of industry specific financial details.

The services that an expert in procurement can provide for a company or individual vary greatly.

  • Seasoned individuals in the business of procurement are able to plan, prepare, and coordinate the timing of attainment in relation to products, supplies, and services.

  • Procurement specialists can generate periodic reports highlighting the current market conditions of suppliers and performance so that proprietors are always up-to-date.

  • They can monitor the creation and implementation of contracts for service and supply.

  • Experts in procurement have the necessary skills to establish a procurement plan and can then continue to oversee its activities to ensure that everything is in accordance with the pre-approved plan.

  • The strong organizational and recordkeeping skills of an individual trained in procurement allows them to compose an accurate register of all property related to a project and then devise a system for keeping all members of the project updated appropriately.

  • Procurement professionals will be knowledgeable about claims and litigation in regards to procurement. This will prove to be beneficial if a circumstance arises that requires a prompt resolution in order for the project to continue being carried out.

  • Well-trained individuals will provide purchasers the option of creating databases for the supervision of all aspects of a venture. These databases may contain records of tenders, bids, and proposals. Another option is a database dedicated strictly to keeping track of all providers involved in the matter and the storage of all signed contracts.

The duties of a procurement expert are not limited to the aforementioned tasks. There are many ways in which the right savvy individual can ensure that an enterprise is purchasing wisely. Their distinct insight into the factors that affect value within the purchasing chain alleviates a lot of guesswork and allows for easy disclosure of information when needed. Purchasers looking to break-ground on a new acquisition can leverage this information as they are less likely to enter into a contract that leaves room for objection by fellow collaborators.

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