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Top 6 Phone Support Operators Hired This Month

  • smit0's Profile Picture
    Microsoft Office Support
    17 Reviews

    Excellent communication skill with 3 years of technical experience support bringing resolution to major technical issues for Microsoft Office suite like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office Outlook.

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  • gauriRaut's Profile Picture
    Advanced Technical Support
    11 Reviews

    Help desk specialist for technical related calls from contractor field technicians for issues on coding, signal issue, provisioning that could cause CPE not to function properly.

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  • BingoX's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jersey City, United States
    31 Reviews

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✓ Leads ✓ Email Handling/Email Verifier ✓ Data Entry/Excel/Word/Power Point ✓ Typing/Writing/Editing ✓ Support/Assistant ✓ C/C++/VHDL ✓ MATLAB/Micro...

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  • sharifulhap's Profile Picture
    Customer Service Lighting Specialist
    65 Reviews

    Enthusiastic, strong communication skills with 3 years experience providing outstanding support for customer's research shipping and billing inquires in Lightning industry.

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  • amberhulse's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Danville, United States
    8 Reviews

    I am a detail oriented multi tasker with a wide variety of skills, interests, and abilities. I have experience in all aspects of making an office, project, and company run smoothly and efficiently. I am also extremely organized and have a knack for organizing others. I have worked in accounting and finance, the...

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  • Jerz0731's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in mabalacat, Philippines
    11 Reviews

    Self-motivated and very dedicated when it comes to work. Well organized and task-driven person. Exce... Read More

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Finding Phone Support Operators on Freelancer

Phone support is one of the most crucial areas of support that you can provide in your business no matter what its nature is or how big or small the company. External stakeholders often creates a lasting first impression of your company and its efficiency - so it's vital that this communication is of a high standard.

If you are a small company with a budget to match you’re probably concerned about spending on expert phone support which could blow out your admin costs and increase your company expenses.  Good phone support is one of the leading ways to communicate with your potential or existing customers to generate future business and well worth the budget.

If you have an employee who is focussed on many tasks and not just phone support they will sound distracted and not dedicated to your customer’s needs, this will provide a bad impression of your overall company and could lead to a decline in sales. Effective phone support will leave a lasting impact of your business with a person on the phone and it is important that it’s a good one.

You can hire someone who can provide you with exceptional phone support skills from a large population of people whose services are available through Freelancer.com. This doesn’t have to be limited to inbound reception duties but can extend to outbound cold calling and sales calling too, there are a wide range of ways that good quality phone support can enhance your business and you can find someone with the skills to do so on Freelancer.com.

If you are someone who has excellent phone skills and are able to provide good support to a business or individual in need, in any capacity, then registering your details on Freelancer.com will give you the freedom and flexibility to earn money within your terms of service, to get started update your details, experience and the kind of phone support you can offer and wait for the opportunities to roll in!

If you are looking for someone to provide you with a great standard of phone support you can view profiles and hire somebody whose skills and experience meet your needs on Freelancer.com. Phone support can come in many different capacities and if the particular experience of an available freelancer is relevant to your project the process of hiring through Freelancer.com is so straightforward that you could have someone providing you with exceptional phone support immediately.          

Whether you are looking for someone to provide you with phone-support or you have phone support skills which you can offer somebody, registering with Freelancer.com provides both parties a flexible method of having their needs met. Skills are matched with project requirements to ensure that both the employer and the freelancer both benefit from the process.

Begin the process today and upload your profile and project requirements to Freelancer.com so you can begin offering and receiving exceptional phone support today.