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    Freelancer in Mansa, India
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    5 year experience in Designer/Developer. Now Starting Freelancer because i think i can establish my self.

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    Freelancer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    7 Reviews

    Hi, My name is Sherry. I am a freelance Software Engineer. I specialize in various Front-End and Back-End Technologies that helps me build Top Notch Solutions for my Clients. My Work has no time limits. I provide unlimited revisions until my clients are 100% satisfied. I am always very enthusiastic and eager to work...

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  • ankitkumar890's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mohali, India
    1 Reviews

    I have 5 years Experience in Website Development & Designing. My objective is to create beautiful and attractive sites which my clients and their customers will love. Skills: Logo Designing, HTML5, CSS3, Bigcommerce, Shopify......

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    Freelancer in Bruxelles, Belgium
    2 Reviews

    I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Brussels. I have mastered a degree in animation & direction at Supinfocom in France last years. My studies, my internships and my work experience give me great assets in many fields from concept art and character design, to digital painting, storyboard,...

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    Freelancer in LUDHIANA, India
    50 Reviews

    Good design is almost invisible. It just works. It makes people take actions. I develop designs to work with popular website standards, such as WordPress or PHP, as well as any mobile devices. I also love to support clients with custom graphics including uniquely designed logos, custom websites and marketing...

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    Freelancer in Piatra Neamt, Romania
    184 Reviews

    There's an engaging, unique story within your brand. And, for sure, you don't want to keep that to yourself! What you need is a cut of finesse to reveal this story, and furthermore, enhance its meaning. Truth is, most of the time, people do judge a brand by its cover. Well, by its style, at least. And our craft is to...

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Finding Parallax Scrolling Professionals on Freelancer

If you’re feeling that your website could do with an update and you’re finding it hard to keep up with your industry counterparts, parallax scrolling can provide a wonderfully subtle unique effect on your site.  Parallax scrolling is traditionally used in video games but is a technique that has transferred over to everyday websites in recent years.

Parallax scrolling is the visual effect of the background of your web page moving at a slower rate than the foreground. While this may initially sound like a complex optical technique, it provides an original method of gaining attention and making your website stand out above the crowds.

There are four main methods of parallax scrolling:

  • Layer method – This is a multiple background method and involves various layers being scrolled independently either vertically or horizontally. This method is commonly used in computer games with players interacting with various layers at a given point in the game.
  • Sprite method – Sprites are individually controlled objects which move on top of or behind layers. Again the sprite method of scrolling is commonly used in, but not limited to, computer games.
  • Repeating pattern – this is where scrolling displays are created over individual titles and appear to float over their background. It is often known as the animation method.
  • Raster method – this is when one or two of many images of a display are refreshed with delay creating the illusion that those layers are moving. This is another technique traditionally used in video games.

There are many benefits for an organization to use parallax scrolling as a method in their web design:

  • It appeals to many senses of the user. The web pages are more fun and unique which encourages user engagement.
  • Parallax scrolling encourages users to stay on the page for longer. Calls to action are more engaging and encouraging, and the user is enticed to click through to further pages.
  • It displays professionalism as it shows you have employed sophisticated techniques to ensure your web page is ahead of the competition.
  • It shows high levels of creativity within your organization.

If you’re looking to increase the engagement of your clients and potential clients through your website, or you’re looking to make sure that your website stands head and shoulders above the rest, then it is important that you utilize parallax scrolling as a design method.

Parallax scrolling gives you back control of your online medium and ensures that as your number one engagement tool, your website is a cut above your competitors to ensure that your page is noticed, and traffic is increased.

Experts can create unique and interesting web pages with visual content that appeals to your target market. They will also be able to provide ongoing maintenance services once the original parallax scrolling project is complete.

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