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  • madhav1969's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ghaziabad, India
    6 Reviews

    I am a political cartoonist, illustrator, painter from India having 30+ years of experience. Capable to do all cartoons, illustration n graphic deigning work. My affordable and reasonable price-rates with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have been providing high quality of work. I am confident on my skill and...

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  • yelenaparharidou's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Athens, Greece
    4 Reviews

    1985: Born in Moscow, Russia 2003-2007: Byzantine Iconography - Piraeus, Greece 2007-2008: Styling and Fashion Design - Thessaloniki Greece 2006-2015: Fine and Applied Arts with specialization field: Painting - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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  • cennetkapkac's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in eskisehir, Turkey
    7 Reviews

    freelancer character designer - concept artist I'm an Illustrator and character designer with over 5 years of professional experience in the Illustration field: comics, covers, children's book, 2d animation character design, concept art, ,digital paintings.

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  • Gunacidus's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Porto, Portugal
    9 Reviews

    I can assure you the very best service. Talk with me about your projects and I'll give you what you need. Better than that, I will surprise you!

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  • Ionfly's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
    10 Reviews

    Hello!!! I am expert in Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera Raw with over 6 years experience. My areas of skills are: - portrait retouching - jewelry retouching - product retouching - HDR Photo Editing - panorama Stitching - removing and changing background and objects - color correction I would be happy working with...

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  • skepticktock's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bekasi, Indonesia
    6 Reviews

    Hello there. Im 2D game artist who could do simple 3d modeling. I'd love to explore many art style but i'd love some cute and kawaii art style. i'd love to learn all kind of arts. Please kindly check my portfolio or Ig: @titadian > Concept Art > Character Design > Illustration > Manga or Anime Style > Children's...

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Finding Painters on Freelancer

Ever been mesmerised by a painting? Caught up in a canvas where the colors, images and proper techniques have been used wisely to create a masterpiece? If you’re wanting to create a masterpiece, why not look into hiring an expert painter!

A painter is a mixture of a dreamer, a story teller, a poet and a builder. The final goal is to create an artwork that is preferably unique and creative, either through the correct usage of a wide variety of different techniques or the creation of new ones.

Skills of an expert painter

Design: To know different design techniques needed to create sketches, drawings, textures, etc.

History of arts: Knowledge of theory, famous painters, trends or styles, concepts, different eras, etc.

Materials and Execution: Knowledge of the wide variety of raw materials, composition of colors and the processes involved in each technique will allow an artist to know what to use and when to use it.

Marketing: An artist should know how to promote, show and sell his/her creations in order to take the most advantage of such work and showcase it in the best way.

Versatility: The ability to master different techniques, usage of a wide variety of colors, textures, etc.

Creativity: Thinking outside the box is a qualification very valuable in any professional, especially in a painter, you want to make sure to have one of a kind artwork.

Ability to transmit emotions: You know that you are in the presence of a good artist if his/her work makes you feel something, the ability to create and transmit emotions is the mark of a fine painter.

Correct usage of light and dark: This adds up a lot of weight to a painting and when used correctly, it can make a huge difference in an artwork giving it depth and body.

Hiring a painter via Freelancer offers a wide range of benefits to employers and can often be a lower rate than traditional painters who are employed on a full time basis.

If you’re looking for a solution for your painting needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project. Post your project on freelancer.com today.