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  • groupdesign111's Profile Picture
    Professional PSD to HTML Developer
    520 Reviews

    8 years of experience in web development. Skilled in HTML, PSD to HTML/CSS3, Jquery/Ajax/Bootstrap, email templates (Mailchimp), Wordpress and Web design.

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  • vietcoderscorp's Profile Picture
    Specialist In PSD to HTML Programming
    135 Reviews

    Specialist in PHP, CSS, PSD to HTML, SQL and developing Wordpress Website. Very reliable and recommendable to all. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all.

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  • tenpixel's Profile Picture
    Experienced PSD to HTML Developer
    184 Reviews

    Web developer with over 5 years of experience in PSD to HTML, developing websites, plugins, high load services (social network, CRM systems), PSD to HTML, PHP, Python and Redis.

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  • baseone's Profile Picture
    Expert PSD to HTML Developer
    283 Reviews

    Expert with experience in software development specialising in PSD to HTML, NET, MVC, Javascript and jQuery/Prototype. Recommendable and reliable person.

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  • teamgd111's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in surat, India
    49 Reviews

    TeamGD is web designing and Web development team with highly dedicated and experienced members based in Gujarat. **NOTE: "Without Milestone We did not accept and start work on Projects." What We Offer! For Design: - PSD layout and mockup design (E-commerce, Email template, Email signature) - Android and ios App...

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  • websolutionseo's Profile Picture
    Professional PSD to HTML Designer
    177 Reviews

    Professional designer and developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, PSD to HTML and JavaScript. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer with quick turnaround.

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Finding PSD to HTML Developers on Freelancer

PSD to HTML describes an advanced type of workflow that is used to create fully-functional, feature-filled websites.

To create a website implementing this workflow, the web designer will first design a web page in a Photoshop Document or PSD format. This PSD is then converted into HTML, which is an essential aspect of any website development. This is a very basic explanation of PSD to HTML. The actual implementation is not so simple.

PSD to HTML is a highly complex process. If you are not a web developer, you will have to first understand several different concepts and also master several different techniques before you can successfully create a functional website using this process. Without sufficient knowledge and training in this workflow technique, you will end up with a website that has several glitches.

The best way to create a website using PSD to HTML is by hiring a professional who has experience in this field.

Here’s the process a PSD to HTML expert would follow to build your site:

  • Get all the details about the kind of website you want to be built for your business.
  • Design a high fidelity mockup in Photoshop. This mockup or PSD is a pixel-perfect representation of exactly what your site will look like once it is done.
  • Use the slice tool to slice the PSD image, which will result in a set of layers.
  • Combine the layers along with a few other elements and export it for the web.
  • Write the HTML and CSS that utilizes the imagery that was exported from Photoshop. This creates the basic structure of the site.

This basic design is checked on different browsers to make sure that it is mobile responsive against different platforms.

If the design is not compatible, the coding needs to be tweaked to make it mobile responsive on all platforms.

If you wanted to create a website yourself using PSD to HTML, not only would you have to invest a lot of time mastering the various techniques but you would also have to invest a lot of money to buy the different types of software. A far better option is to hire a PSD to HTML expert.

On Freelancer.com you will find several freelancers who have had a lot of experience building websites using PSD to HTML. These professionals have the skills, creativity, training and tools to create a fabulous site that meets all of your requirements. What's more, they will get the work done in record time and at a very reasonable rate.

It does not cost you anything to post a project. Once you’ve created an account on Freelancer.com, you can post up a project looking for a PSD to HTML expert. The more details you provide the higher the chances of finding a professional who is best suited to your requirements.

Once you identify a freelancer who you would like to work with, you award them the project and give them all the details so they can get to working on building your PSD to HTML website while you attend to other aspects of building your business.