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  • try67's Profile Picture
    Expert Software Developer
    99 Reviews

    Specialized in creating custom-made solutions for Adobe products, appeared on "The Wall of Legends" for contributions; a certified Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP6).

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  • sergey2511's Profile Picture
    Reliable PDF Form Designer
    177 Reviews

    Knowledgeable about scripting, conditional logic, dynamic layout, functional buttons, fillable or editable PDF, etc.; preferred by clients for being responsive and efficient

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  • Shekharmine's Profile Picture
    Skilled PDF Form Maker
    116 Reviews

    Has great skills in editing; can assure in giving outstanding outputs; garnered a certificate for being a Professional Editor in 2012; multi-talented and professional.

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  • Writerometer's Profile Picture
    Affordable PDF Expert
    225 Reviews

    Proficient and dedicated writer with lots of experiences in writing industry; a nine-year active column writer of newspapers and magazines that makes an experienced PDF expert

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  • terekarpad's Profile Picture
    Complete PDF Solutions
    61 Reviews

    Owned the Penpro company, been in the PDF printing industry since 1995, experienced leading a design studio and worked in some prestigious companies; independent and experienced

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  • WitSoul's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Okara Cantt, Sahiwal, Pakistan
    45 Reviews

    I have worked as a Data Entry, Web Scraping, Manual Typing, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Copy Typing, PDF .I am 24/7 available. If hired by you I will deliver my best work at a high standard. Regards

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What is a PDF? Short for Portable Document Format, PDF is a document file extension created for the purpose of preserving document formatting across the broad sphere of software that exists for the creation and viewing of documents. Adobe created the Portable Document Format in 1993 and it has since been a standard file extension for the transmission of documents around the world.

PDFs can be viewed and created in Adobe Acrobat. While PDF remains one of the premier document extensions in use today, documents are still created on other platforms such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or OpenOffice. Despite the use of these alternative file types, PDF remains the extension of choice for many users. It is not uncommon for these other extensions to need to be converted into the PDF format for a variety of different uses.

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