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  • truongnguyen86's Profile Picture
    Affordable Oracle Database Developer
    173 Reviews

    Top-ranked Oracle database and software developer, skilled in Java, PHP, swift, WordPress, etc., previous works include website design, mobile app development, and cloud app.

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  • areebsheikh54's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Faisalabad, Pakistan
    12 Reviews

    Dedicated, Smart & Hard Working Professional ... I Will Work For You With My Complete Determination ! Expert in all kind of Web Development related jobs . I Can Easily Prove To You That I Am The Assistant You Need...Logical Approach To All Projects But Quite Capable Of "thinking out of the box" & Coming Up With ...

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  • ref2's Profile Picture
    Best Oracle Software Developer
    22 Reviews

    Skilled in cloud application system, Java software, Java developing tools, Oracle database management tools, and other various application projects.

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  • abdullahjaradat1's Profile Picture
    Oracle Cloud Application Help
    21 Reviews

    Reliable Oracle consulting, financing, and customer support, specializes in Oracle database services, MySQL, and Java, on- time project delivery, and 24/7 availability.

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  • funkeojo's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in columbia sc, United States
    10 Reviews

    I specialize in all types of Data Entry, Data Mining, Data Processing and Data Conversion projects, I love typing. I can type up to 90+ words per minute without any mistake. I have more than 20 years of experience in this field. I can type from any kind of SCAN documents into editable Word or Excel format. I can t ...

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  • irondrake's Profile Picture
    Reliable Oracle Platform Specialist
    30 Reviews

    Freelance Oracle SQL server expert, oracle cloud application, and Oracle database management. Has an impressive work record, high quality work, affordable, fast turnaround.

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Finding Oracle Developers on Freelancer

Why hire an Oracle Java developer? Java developers are able to solve a wide variety of computing problems and create solutions for both online and offline use. One of the biggest uses of Java today is the development of applications for Google’s Android smartphone and tablet operating system.

Apart from Android applications, one of today’s most popular computer games, Minecraft, was developed in Java. Java also continues to be a language of choice for developers creating web applications such as e-commerce sites. Oracle database development is also a very common job for Java developers. Oracle is one of the leading database companies in the market today. Many organizations make use of the system to create and maintain data structures that absolutely crucial for the operation of their business.

The importance of Oracle’s Java in the fields of application and database development is here to stay and those interested in creating applications should note this trend carefully. Knowledge of Java continues to be increasingly important and those interested in creating content for platforms such as Android are making one of two choices: the first being to learn Java for themselves or the second, hiring a Java programmer.

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