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    Nginx Module Developer
    20 Reviews

    An expert in PHP, Apache, Mysql, Nginx, CPanel/whm, Lightspeed, plesk, enkompass, Citrix XenServer, Webmin, ispconfig, centos, cloudlinux, Ubuntu, and vmware ESXi.

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  • wmtoolsnet's Profile Picture
    Nginx Expert Online
    191 Reviews

    A certified expert in the deployment of projects and sites with different levels of complexity. Seeking further opportunities to helps clients build their businesses.

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  • Ragnak's Profile Picture
    Nginx Professional
    12 Reviews

    A Nginx professional who also works well with KVM, Docker, Linux, bash, python, and Apache. More than 5 years of experience as a a web developer and software engineer.

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  • pdq's Profile Picture
    Freelance Nginx Specialist
    139 Reviews

    A Nginx expert that takes care of the server management needs of a wide base of global clients. Worked as a Nginx specialist for over 3 years. Consistent quality.

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  • odessky's Profile Picture
    Freelance Nginx Developer
    280 Reviews

    4 years as a WordPress and software developer. Holds expertise in Magento development, project management, MySQL optimization, Nginx, Cacti, Zabbix, and OpenVPN.

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  • lstep's Profile Picture
    Nginx Specialist
    26 Reviews

    Has a good background of the Ubuntu operating system and can implement both Nginx and Apache stacks on servers which are running this Linux variation.

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Finding Nginx Developers on Freelancer

Nginx is a web server that acts as a reverse proxy service and application delivery platform for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP. POP3 and IMAP protocols. The web server s focused on delivering sites that are focused on optimum performance, reliability, security and scale.

Pronounced ‘engine-x’, the company started out as an open source project and has grown to be a powerful player in the online world, powering half of the world’s websites and applications.

Igor Sysoev’s is the author of Nginx, which was initially released in 2004. Nginx’s popularity became so widespread that Igor co-founded Nginx, Inc. in 2011.

Nginx offers two platforms for users Nginx OSS and Nginx Plus. Nginx Plus offers far more features than its open source equivalent and is an end-to-end platform for web applications.

Millions of developers use Nginx and Nginx Plus to deliver websites and applications including global giants such as Airbnb, Dropbox Netflix, and Uber.

Solutions offered by Nginx include:

  • Load balancing - Maximize the availability and reliability of a website and its applications and minimize downtime and lost revenue. Enjoy performance improvements and no performance limits.
  • Web server - businesses use Nginx to manage complexities associated with HTTP and make their apps more response and secure.
  • Web and mobile acceleration - boost the performance of websites and apps and provide customers with faster processes, increased conversions and boost revenue.
  • Application security - protect your business website and app from malicious traffic.
  • Mircoservices - agile approaches that promote flawless delivery and reliability of applications.
  • Move to Cloud - Nginx can help move websites and applications to the Cloud, whether it be a public or private cloud.
  • API gateway - track, protect and monetize API’s within applications using Nginx
  • Streaming media - deliver seamless content without delays using enhanced access controls, bandwidth management, and session persistence.

If your business is looking to use Nginx to achieve a flawless delivery of your applications, you may want to consider engaging an Nginx expert to integrate the technology with your website and applications.

An Nginx expert will be able to install, configure and maintain Nginx as well as be able to deploy load balancing, reverse proxying and caching for your system.

Platforms such as Freelancer.com offer a range of qualified and experienced developers who can help you use the Nginx platform for your website and content delivery.

Log onto Freelancer.com today, find a freelancer with Nginx experience and enjoy the peace of mind that your project is undertaken by an experienced freelancer dedicated to getting you the best results for your website or application.