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    Microsoft Exchange Development Professional
    114 Reviews

    Certified Microsoft Exchange Development Professional with a career spanning over 2 decades. Gifted expert whose skills include Hyper-V & Failover quickly delivering superb results

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    Microsoft Exchange Development Specialist
    109 Reviews

    Former Microsoft Tech Lead and a Microsoft Exchange Development Specialist focusing on System administration and Linux. Acclaimed expert makes quality of work his priority

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    Microsoft Exchange Development Experts
    68 Reviews

    Microsoft Exchange development experts skilled in areas of Windows, & SharePoint App Development. New age technology service provider with great results delivered in timely fashion

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    Microsoft Exchange Development Specialists
    76 Reviews

    Reliable Microsoft Exchange Development Specialists with an experience of 23 years using Backup, Veeam and DPM. Committed team providing quality service to its clients

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    Freelancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    11 Reviews

    Exchange Lync Windows Server

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    Freelancer in Perm, Russian Federation
    15 Reviews

    I am working in IT since 2004. I have deep knowledge in Linux/FreeBSD/Windows systems administration. Last years I spent a lot of time for virtualization (Hyper-V mostly, but VmWare as well). At the same time I have Exchange Server 2013 administration experience. I work in an IT company as Senior System Administrator,...

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Finding Microsoft Exchange Experts on Freelancer

Microsoft Exchange is a mail and calendaring server created by Microsoft to run on the Microsoft Windows Server product line and was initially Microsoft's internal mail server.The first release of Microsoft Exchange was 4.0 in March of 1996 and since then has featured a variety of service packs and upgrades.

Popular with most small to medium sized businesses, Microsoft Exchange has been changing the way firms do business. Interested in adopting Microsoft Exchange but not sure where to start? Why not hire an expert to help you?

How a Microsoft-Exchange Expert can help you

  • Handle projects from small capacity to big migrations of over 20,000 mailboxes
  • Be able to facilitate the mailboxes all over the world
  • Increase user flexibility and productivity
  • Improve data security
  • Decrease data loss
  • Utilize the in-cloud facilities with ease
  • Install, design and deploy Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Be able to deal with your staff with troubleshooting issues
  • Think outside of the box when it comes to diversifying the uses of Microsoft Exchange
  • Handle Client Access, the mailbox role and understand how the Exchange environment works
  • In addition, understand the site resiliency, how the security protocols function as well as how the unifed messaging operates

Qualifications of a Microsoft-Exchange Expert

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certificate

  • Ongoing courses and add-on certifications

  • These services packs are generally added 4-5 times a year to a particular version of Microsoft Exchange and the upgrades are most times annually or every 2nd year.

If you’re looking for a solution for your Microsoft Exchange needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project.