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  • chitra2484's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chennai, India
    25 Reviews

    I have more than 4 years experience working as a Freelance Technical Editor. I have also been working as a Scientific Writer in Life Sciences for many years now. I have been pursuing these as a hobby till now. However, now, they have taken the centre stage from my successful research career, and I am quite loving it!

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  • interleukin's Profile Picture
    Pharmacist and Dermatologist
    42 Reviews

    A graduate of pharmacy and a dermatologist. Researcher and creator of preventive medicines and treatments for skin diseases or problems that are safe and affordable.

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  • jjcaldwell's Profile Picture
    Dedicated Full-time Nurse
    19 Reviews

    A dedicated, full-time registered nurse. Passionate in caring for hospitalized patients. Empathetic, emotionally stable, has good health and is detail-oriented.

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  • Muzammil196's Profile Picture
    Experienced Skin Professional
    120 Reviews

    Has worked with dermatologists for 8 years and now starting to pursue this career independently bringing along the knowledge and expertise gained over the years.

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  • beeya124's Profile Picture
    Family Doctor/General Practitioner
    107 Reviews

    Aims to promote good health of individuals, families and the rest of the community through providing responsive diagnoses, medicines and treatments for mild conditions.

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  • pankajjbarua's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Guwahati, India
    33 Reviews

    I am currently working as a Bioinformatics PhD researcher in Germany after my MSc in Bioinformatics from the UK and I am well trained to write your reports both in the undergraduate and graduate level. I can be a great help as well in giving a proper shape to your masters thesis at the shortest possible time and at a...

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Finding Medical Experts on Freelancer

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