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Top 6 Mechatronics Engineers Hired This Month

  • AndryContreras's Profile Picture
    Experienced Telecommunications Designer
    11 Reviews

    Highly skilled in telecommunications and electronics design with background on PCB Design and simulation of electronic devices used for different areas and platforms.

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  • kasunthdinesh's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    14 Reviews

    I am a professional embedded system engineer who is currently working as an electronics engineer for a leading technology solutions provider in Sri Lanka. My mission is to provide error free optimum solutions with value added services for my clients by understanding their needs. I have expertise on: - El ...

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  • robertogarzalau's Profile Picture
    Proficient Electronic Designer
    5 Reviews

    Six years of experience with electronic designing and development, skilled in C++, C#, Java, and Arduino. Has background in electronic engineering and processing.

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  • suryaadhithiyan's Profile Picture
    Experienced Systems Developer
    4 Reviews

    Highly skilled in with various wireless communication and microcontrollers. Able to work with Minitab, MS Office, Electromechanics, Abaqus, LS Dyna, and Solidworks.

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  • dtronghue's Profile Picture
    Professional Mechanical Engineer
    5 Reviews

    Three years of experience as mechanical engineer with experience in machine design and manufacturing. Able to work with Solidworks software and Solidworks Professional Core.

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  • sahinozsoy's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in ankara, Turkey
    2 Reviews

    Electrical Engineer with Labview/C++/Matlab Experience Exceptional analytical skills and Scientific Knowledge. Assembler VHDL/Verilog C C++ Java SE Labview Labview FPGA Matlab ---------------------- Radar & EW Systems Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomographic Imaging Direction of Arrival Estimation (MUSIC, ESPRIT, CAP ...

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Finding Mechatronics Engineers on Freelancer

Technology has made rapid strides in recent times and has achieved some amazing feats which we could have only been dreamt of, even a few years back. Now many things that were the subject matter of sci-fi novels have become a reality and we have gotten, so used to these technologies that we often forget how marvellous they really are.

Some of these high-end developments include embedded systems, sensors and actuators. These developments have been made by a multidisciplinary field of engineering known as Mechatronics. It combines mechanics, electronics and computing technology to come up with both simple and complex systems that often have a huge impact on our lives. As days pass by, we are looking at creation of even more advanced electronic gadgets, safety equipment, and automating various manual tasks that humans presently do. All these things will be achieved through Mechatronics.

Mechatronics is indispensable for many modern enterprises and projects. So, if you run one of these enterprises, then it is likely that you would be looking for a Mechatronics engineer to run your projects. Being an interdisciplinary and complex field, finding a highly skilled Mechatronics engineer might not always be very easy for you. They might not be available in your area, or they might even be too costly to hire on a permanent-basis. 

An attractive alternative for you would be to hire freelance Mechatronics engineers. You can hire a freelancer irrespective of where you are located in this world.

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