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Top 6 Mathematics Teachers Hired This Month

  • himanshu9us's Profile Picture
    Skilled Mathematician
    78 Reviews

    Strong background in mathematics and statistics, has ten years of experience in banking industry, and knowledgeable in numerical reasoning. Can come up with solutions and formulas.

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  • Arkabrata's Profile Picture
    Professional Mathematician
    195 Reviews

    Professional developer and skilled in designing. Expert in mathematics and finance, able to solve problems through OCR/ICR technology. With background experience in graphic design.

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  • oramy's Profile Picture
    Experienced Mathematics Teacher
    100 Reviews

    Knowledgeable in any mathematical job, has background teaching mathematics and able to solve any problems needing mathematics. Can do tutoring services for kids to teenagers.

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  • draganrakic's Profile Picture
    Experienced Mathematics Professor
    26 Reviews

    Experienced at teaching mathematics on a secondary level. Able to work on any problems relating to mathematics as per client. Can tutor up to high school students.

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  • sambestsolutions's Profile Picture
    Experienced Programming Engineer & Mathematician
    132 Reviews

    Knowledgeable in programming software such as Java, PHP and C/C++. Skilled in the areas of electronic circuit designing, web designing,MATLAB image processing and mathematics

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  • aditya357's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bokaro, India
    39 Reviews

    I have graduated from Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur, India. I will take up research in mathematical finance. I am good at : -> statistical modelling using R -> Probability and statistics -> Real analysis , Calculus -> Linear Algebra -> Abstract algebra -> financial derivatives like options, futures etc.

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