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  • dhammikamaheshi's Profile Picture
    Data and Web Search Expert
    36 Reviews

    Data management and web search optimization expert. Can professionally apply effective management styles for data entry, web search and content management system solutions.

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  • alicejax's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Brampton, Canada
    52 Reviews

    I can be your best choice for Academic Writing and Business Planning Projects. Hire me :)

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  • Zulucorp's Profile Picture
    Expert Business Management Writer
    729 Reviews

    Expert business and academic writer. with a Masters Degree in Marketing. Offers high-quality written academic content on business management topics, finance management, and more.

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  • theprowriter50's Profile Picture
    Academic Writer and Researcher
    237 Reviews

    Qualified academic writer and researcher with an MBA in Economics. Over 8 years of experience managing creation on academic content for dissertations, thesis, and research.

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  • laxiconsagaity's Profile Picture
    Professional Thesis Mangement
    71 Reviews

    Experienced creation and supervision of thesis related to management. Topics of expertise include innovation management, and similar management and marketing information systems.

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  • ayowealth's Profile Picture
    Experienced Academic Writer
    151 Reviews

    Experienced research manager and writer with a degree in Physics and Electronics. Offers research management and content managenement and creation services on a viariety of topics.

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Finding Managers on Freelancer

If you’re in the market for a business management or business consultant for your business needs you’re going to want to find someone with the experience, skills and qualifications to support your project and to get the desired outcome for your business.

Freelance business management experts are commonplace in today’s business world, as more and more people move from stressful corporate environments to the freedom and flexibility of a more balanced work / life arrangement.

Nowadays you’re more likely to find some of the most innovative and talented business managers via a freelance or contract arrangement as they strive to be their own boss without the stress of 9 to 5 and the big city commute.

Top notch business managers and consultants have a long history of high profile clients and can offer a variety of skills based on your industry. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable management specialist to help enhance your business systems and processes, you’re going to want to do your research and find someone who fits your business environment and understand your long term goals.

A quality business management specialist will have a wide range of skills, however they will be proficient in the following core skills:

  • Exceptional understanding of your industry
  • Marketing, sales and business focus with a solid understanding of current industry and economic trends 
  • Ability to evaluate business models
  • Business skills & strong interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of law, accounting, business development and communication
  • Strategic thinker with good listening skills
  • Education and academic certification
  • Good work ethic
  • Driven and focused on results

Types of projects management experts can assist with for your business can vary and depend on your budget, time frame and your desired outcome.

Projects for management freelancers may include basic business tasks right through to business plans and strategic documents. They may be sales calls or more planning, development and communications document development — tasks can vary a great deal and will all be based on the individual business needs and the experience of the management expert you engage.

Freelancers offer a range of benefits for your business. You don’t have to worry about finding someone for your business for the long term, you can hire a skill set based on one very specific project and engage different freelancer as you need them.

Freelancers are cheaper to engage than employees as you can hire them when you need them and when the workload is complete your project is wrapped up and completed and you can go your separate ways.

Another advantage of working with freelancers is the ability for the individual to use their own office and tools of trade, saving you on the outlay for office space and equipment.

When you are evaluating a freelancer’s technical expertise, view their portfolio, ask for references, or even consider testing their skills or giving them a small task to undertake.

As for personal qualities, it goes without saying that you’ll be looking for somebody who is reliable and a good communicator and has a personality that suits your business and your client base.

If you’re looking for a management expert who specialises in a particular area that your business needs guidance in, consider engaging a freelancer from Freelancer.com and get value for money and access to a world of talent for your business needs.