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    Freelancer in Lugansk, Ukraine
    401 Reviews

    I have 12 years experience with linux,freebsd,cisco. I have job in Saudi Arabia at isp with 100 cisco devices.

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  • rajendrasingh182's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in dehradun, India
    22 Reviews

    I have good command over Email Server Configuration and Web Development. Provide Solution for Email Marketing, Linux, Mailwizz & Interspire needs. Have Administration experience on Linux servers and Database Optimization. Have been managing PowerMTA servers since 2013, have deep experience on PowerMTA. My...

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    Freelancer in Attock, Pakistan
    200 Reviews

    I love working as a freelancer and I have been doing it for a long time. Whether it's providing the client with the best advice or going the extra mile by doing something overnight; I always take pride in projects I do. I specialize in Email Deliverability, Web Server Setups, Mail Server setups including PowerMTA...

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    Freelancer in New Delhi, India
    186 Reviews

    Seeking for a Online Job ;) I am available 24/7 to serve you to your highest satisfaction level.

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    Freelancer in Islamabad, Pakistan
    80 Reviews

    We provide quality Email Marketing services with highest response rate in freelance circuit. Our mission is simple, deliver your emails to your target audienc'e inbox every time. Our response rate is far better than other freelancers here because the method we use to delivery your emails is unique and it works every...

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    Freelancer in Khulna, Bangladesh
    446 Reviews

    Hello all, We provide e-marketing solution and also others related to e-marketing. You can trust our work. We'll work until you get 100% satisfaction. Solution : 1. Email Marketing 2. Mail Server Setup 3. Email Database Building 4. Email Validate & Cleaning 5. Email Extract 6. Wordpress 7. Website Development 8....

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Finding Mailwizz Experts on Freelancer

MailWizz is a simple and full-featured email marketing application used to engage with followers and customers.

Packed with features, the application is used to manage email marketing campaigns for websites and allows all marketing in one central location. MailWizz combines all of your marketing tasks in one easy to use format, so sending email campaigns become a breeze.

The program is focused on a simple sending process wrapped up in a clean and intuitive theme that is easy to use and navigate. The application is also simple to use for developers as it is created using the Yii framework and can be easily customized with themes and extensions to suit each business or individual’s needs.

MailWizz is ideal for sending newsletter to website users and customers, businesses pay less for the send and can manage the send and the reporting via the easy to use MailWizz dashboard at no extra cost.

Features of MailWizz include:

  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Unlimited users and customers for account and unlimited email lists and segments
  • Unlimited campaigns and email templates
  • Embedded list forms
  • Completely customizable forms and pages
  • Simple delivery processing and reporting
  • Bounced email processing
  • Advanced subscriber tracking
  • Powerful extension and themes
  • Fast email delivery
  • Attachment enabled so you can add in extra attachments to your emails
  • API keys management

MailWizz integrates with payment gateways and pricing plans, promotional codes and transactions can be added into the functionality of the setup, allowing businesses to use the application for a range of uses.

The program used all SMTP servers to send emails, so you are not restricted by servers to send mail. SMTP servers that are commonly used include Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, DynEmail, LeaderSend, and MailGun.

Rather than paying for online email programs and eMarketing accounts, MailWizz is a far more affordable option and can be easily integrated into your website by an experienced MailWizz developer.

If you’re a business or individual looking to add MailWizz to your website to send your marketing campaigns and newsletters, consider engaging a freelancer to assist with the setup.

Freelancer.com offers a wide range of freelancers who are experienced and trained to install and customize MailWizz integrations for customers throughout the world.

Simply log onto Freelancer.com, view the extensive range of freelancers available, review their profiles and read through the feedback from previous projects ahead of selecting a freelancer to assist with your project.

Arranging a freelance MailWizz expert for your next project has never been easier with Freelancer.com.