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    Best Legal Writing Help
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    Reliable legal writing assistance online, delivers projects on time, writes high-quality legal researches, documents, contracts, complaints, motions, etc., at affordable prices.

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    Experienced Legal Writer
    151 Reviews

    Has 6 years experience in freelance legal writing, crafting legal documents, legal contracts, and legal research papers, highly recommended by thousands of clients.

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    Legal Researcher and Writer
    160 Reviews

    With almost 7 years of experience in district judge clerkship and 3 years experience as freelance legal writer online, delivers well-researched legal documents.

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    Affordable Legal Writing
    18 Reviews

    Delivers high-quality legal documents at an affordable rate, has 4 years experience as a freelance legal writer online, delivers projects without delay, 100% genuine legal service.

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    Legal Writing and Editing Services
    178 Reviews

    Proficient legal writer and editor, delivers accurate and grammar-free legal documents, highly recommended by previous clients, delivers project on time.

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    Expert Legal Content Writing
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    Professional legal writer with a US law degree in intellectual property law, has 8 years experience as an expert legal writer, delivers genuine legal documents and contracts.

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Finding Lawyers on Freelancer

Legal advice is provided by a trained lawyer and is usually provided by a practicing solicitor, barrister or lawyer in your selected state, territory or county.

Legal advice varies from state to state and country to country and it’s important to be aware of the specific laws for the area in which you live, to ensure you’re getting relevant and correct advice.

Using a freelance lawyer for temporary assignments or on a periodic retainer is a way for businesses to protect their legal rights and always have superior legal advice available as and when required.

In business, it legal issues can crop up from leasing issues, debt collections, contracts and any number of legal nuances. Having a dedicated freelance legal expert available can provide a range of legal services should you need general advice, be issued a notice to appear in court plus a full range of legal services you may encounter.

When you’re looking for freelance legal support you’re looking for legal advice that is provided remotely, allowing you to chat with your lawyer via Skype, messenger or email as required.

As with a traditional client/lawyer arrangement, in the case of freelance legal support client confidentiality is respected at all times and measures are in place to ensure that such confidentiality is maintained.

Freelance assignments are charged hourly or project rate, whatever suits your needs and turnaround times can be a few hours for small projects.

Factors determining the costs chargeable for freelance legal support include:

  • The scope of the work
  •  The urgency of the work
  • Hours required

As an independent legal freelancer can provide businesses with extensive knowledge & legal experience with the added benefit of avoiding the associated overheads.

Freelance legal support offers not just cost savings for business from an hourly and project basis; it  provides a global range of legal support depending on the work that is required and specialty areas.

There are a variety of scenarios where hiring a freelancer might make sense for your practice.

Freelance legal support can be a quick and easy short-term solution for your business, plugging in without training or handholding when a large matter presses your team to full capacity.

Hiring an experienced freelancer to help in these circumstances will help you maintain sanity, free you up to focus on other matters and may even reduce the risk of malpractice that can exist with an overburdened practice.

Businesses avoid the legal costs associated with engaging an employee such as annual leave, long service lease or make provision for tax, providing an enormous cost saving compared with working with big city legal groups with shop fronts and massive overheads.

Legal tasks freelancers can be engaged to undertake include:

  • Legal research
  • Contracts
  • Legal writing
  • Compliance
  • Patents
  • Property law
  • Privacy & terms and conditions
  • Trademarks

If you’re looking to engage quality legal freelance support, view the range of freelancers available on Freelancer.com today. Legal services and support are available from international freelancers who are based around the world specializing in the specific area of law for your needs.