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  • mildarunkauskait's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Naujoji Akmene, Lithuania
    2 Reviews

    I am Milda, I have studied Landscape architecture at university for four years. During the study period I have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge and skills about beauty, design, plants, small architecture and had learnt to apply them in practice. Later I entered university, studied botany and got botany master...

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  • Ivanmfernandez's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Málaga, Spain
    6 Reviews

    Hello, I am Iván. Design Architect with a Master´s Degree in Restoration and Conservation Architecture. Relevant work experience for over 15 years experience in all aspects and phases related to the architecture practice. As a complement to my professional career and in order to integrate new lines and work...

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  • pyac's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in MACHIQUES DE PERIJA, Venezuela
    29 Reviews

    I am an architect, and also superior in digital design technician, so I count on enough experience to make any architectural design, interior design, product design and modeling. I have completed a design: Houses, apartments, shopping centers, interior design, restaurants, cafes, schools, zoo, developments,...

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  • shashank0202's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in REWA, India
    72 Reviews

    We are a team of developer with most number of reviews on Mean Stack . SPECIALIZATIONS : - Javascript (ES5 / ES6) - NodeJS (ExpressJS, MongooseJS, Restify, Swagger) - Template engines (Jade / Mustache / EJS) - Ionic Framework ( Android / iOS ) - AngularJS - HTML5 / HTML / CSS / Bootstrap - Sass / Less / Stylus -...

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  • ignjatovicmarija's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Belgrade, Serbia
    7 Reviews

    I'm an landscape architect with ability to plan, project and redesign urban open spaces, both public and private, and interior gardens. My drawings in autoCAD include plans, sections, elevations, details not only in the field of landscape architecture but also in the field of architecture. I can offer high quality...

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  • Lengkeng054's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hue city, Vietnam
    3 Reviews

    Proficient in software related to interior architecture, graphics, capable of drawing, logo design, photo editing, color blend for photos.

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