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  • Nenad1526's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Nis, Serbia
    63 Reviews

    - More than six years of LabView experience in highly rated engineering company SENIS AG. - Designed the complete hardware and software in LabView for Magnet Mapping System MMS-1-R and MMS-1A-RS. Mentioned software drives the step motors, monitors the digital inputs, does the analog acquisition of the magnetic fi ...

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  • m2otech's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Rankweil, Austria
    8 Reviews

    Vielfältige Erfahrung im IT-Bereich. Schwerpunkt Linux (Admin/Scripting), Automatisierung (LabVIEW) und Embedded (C, Raspberry Pi, ...).

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  • wangen1106's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jilin, China
    31 Reviews

    Hello, I'm LABVIEW, MATLAB, C++, mechanical engineering, 3D design, 3D modelling, Solidworks, mathematics, DSP and electric engineering expert. And I have many experience Control system, in particular I'm familiar with DAQ, NI VirtualBench, CRIO, RS232-485 communication and so on. And I developed remote control sys ...

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  • nicu66pr's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sibiu, Romania
    22 Reviews

    Overview: Over the last 7 years, I have developed a wide range of automated tests in Labview. I have very good logical and architect skills. I also have experience in maintenance and development of big Labview programs and generation of source distributions kits, installers, and executable programs. I also ha ...

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  • midoosman's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cairo, Egypt
    6 Reviews

    5+ years as LabView developer contact me for more info

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  • Balubati's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Budapest, Hungary
    3 Reviews

    MSc in Electrical Engineering. 2+ years work experience as electrical engineer. Skills: NI LabVIEW Experience: Advanced C programming Experience: Intermediate Matlab, Simulink Experience: Intermediate National Instruments hardware paltforms Experience: Advanced (PXI modular instrumentation, cRIO based embedde ...

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Finding LabVIEW Scientists on Freelancer

Why hire a LabVIEW developer? LabVIEW developers are able to solve a wide range of issues through the development of systems. National Instruments first released LabVIEW for the Apple Macintosh in 1986. Running on a programming language called “G”, LabVIEW is primarily used for tasks such as instrument control and automation across virtually every modern computer platform, including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Today, LabVIEW is used primarily by scientists and individuals that have programming as part of their job requirements but are not programmers themselves. LabVIEW uses pre-programmed methods and functions to making programming much faster and efficient than traditional programming methods. These programmers are typically designed to function in the place of traditional laboratory equipment, as this software solution is much more flexible and portable.  

The ability to create virtual laboratory instruments offers a cost effective and more immediate solution to ordering traditional laboratory equipment from a supplier. Researchers have the ability to create specialized tools for their own personal needs. While otherwise inaccessible using traditional programming methods, LabVIEW allows scientifically-minded professionals to produce tools in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

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