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    Freelancer in DELHI, India
    54 Reviews

    Hindi Native with a deep interest in writing. I have been an avid reader of hindi literature and other stuff. My taste varies to a great extent that I love reading almost all kind of work. I read fiction, science, philosophy, spiritual science, history, astrology, and what not including popular English...

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  • mithilakariappa's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lansdale, United States
    31 Reviews

    Confident individual with a strong color sense along with the knowledge of cutting edge fashion and a person with passion for designs, prints, clothing and accessory manufacturing details. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Skills and Software: • Adobe...

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  • lipikara's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dakshina Kannada, India
    1 Reviews

    Who are we ?: We are a team of translators and content writers. We call ourselves 'Translation Engineers'. We are an enthusiastic young team comprising of people from different backgrounds like Electronics, Software, Automotive technology, Biotechnology, Psychology, Public Administration, Digital Journalism,...

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  • SH8254's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Tumkur, India
    2 Reviews

    A budding enthusiastic individual . You can trust me with : Creativity Content Writing Voice Over Talent Editing and Proofreading

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  • shrithiru's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bengaluru, India
    10 Reviews

    I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. I have worked with one of the leading switchgear manufacturing company for 5 years, as Design Engineer. I was responsible for preparing SLD, Schematics and list of apparatus to be used according to customer requirement. Apart from this, I have a passion for photography and...

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  • manu617's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bangalore, India
    30 Reviews

    This is Manu, a Web Designer/Developer working over 7 years. I have lots of experience in "HTML5, CSS DRUPAL PHOTOSHOP Responsive Conversion” and I can complete this project fulfilling all of your requirements within your mentioned deadline. If you are looking for -->Device agnostic Responsive web designing, ->...

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Finding Kannada Experts on Freelancer

In any organization, effective communication is key to its overall success. When you are undertaking business dealings with industry counterparts and a language barrier is present, this can provide a significant threat to the outcome of the venture.

Kannada is a language traditionally spoken in South India by the people from the state of Karnataka. If your organization has any business communications in India, it is important that you engage with a professional who can offer you a translation or Kannada speaking service to allow for productive interactions in the area.

If you have a basic knowledge of understanding of the language of Kannada, or you can engage in basic conversation, this isn’t enough to carry out successful communications. In any language, there are certain colloquialisms and slang terms which can’t be translated that you won’t be aware of unless you have the native tongue.

Hiring a Kannada translator through Freelancer.com will give you access to a range of professionals who are bi-lingual with Kannada as one of their languages. They will be familiar with local customs and traditions and will be able to help you to create a good rapport with your Kannada speaking business counterparts.

Some key benefits a Kannada speaker can provide you are as follows:

  • Quality assured – quality interpretation is vital in legal, medical, scientific and other complex areas of business. Clear communication in these areas is essential, and a Kannada speaker will provide this for you. A professional Kannada speaker will take pride in the quality of their interpretation to provide you with the best results.
  • Consistent – Consistent communication will provide you with successful outcomes. Providing a Kannada speaking translator for your contractual and interpretation work will show your counterparts that you are professional and committed to your business.
  • Specialization – You can hire a Kannada translator with technical knowledge in any area that you require. This will ensure that there is no confusion over industry specific terminology and phrases.

As a freelancer, you will only pay a Kannada translator for the documents they translate or for the conversations they interpret for you. Your business will not have a need for an ongoing employer to be proficient in the language of Kannada so to employ someone on a continual basis will have an unnecessary impact on your annual budget.

Legal documents are often complex and intricate in their nature, and if they are not drawn up and checked thoroughly, if not translated correctly this can have dire consequences for your business at a later date. A Kannada translator will be able to check these details with a fine tooth comb and ensure that everything is as it should be.

Freelancer.com provides a place for you to register your Kannada translation or interpretation project so that you can begin engaging with Kannada speakers and award your project to the best freelancer available for your needs. Log on today to view the range of Kannada experts who are ready to complete your project.