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  • BaNgan's Profile Picture
    Expert Javascript Debugger
    180 Reviews

    Expert in C#, MVC 3, MSQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript and Shopify. Recommended by former clients for top quality and timely services at reasonable rates.

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  • HeNet's Profile Picture
    Highly Experienced Javascript Expert
    259 Reviews

    More than 7 years of extensive front-end experience and relative back-end experience. Full stack web developer and expert in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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  • gauravrjwt's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jaipur, India
    107 Reviews

    I am a PHP Web developer, experienced in PHP & MySQL web programming, clean W3 compliant XHTML/HTML/CSS coding and Javascript/AJAX programming. I specialize in building custom database driven Core PHP websites and interactive web applications in PHP/MySQL. If you're looking to hire professional PHP programmer or...

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  • kasianand's Profile Picture
    Proficient Javascript Expert
    87 Reviews

    Front end developer specialising in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS. Proficient programmer in asp.net and PHP. All projects delivered with highest quality.

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  • sahchos93's Profile Picture
    Talented Javascript Developer
    36 Reviews

    Web developer with over 4 years experience in high load services (social network and CRM systems) using Python, Django, Tornado, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

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  • vw8334150vw's Profile Picture
    Experienced Javascript Professional
    51 Reviews

    Highly experienced JavaScript and Jquery expert specialising in PHP, Yii framwork, Java web programming, Strut2 and Hibernate. Five star feedback for top quality work.

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Finding Javascript Developers on Freelancer

Why hire a web developer? Web developers are able to use programming languages like JavaScript to help make your web page interactive. One of the great features of JavaScript is that it runs on the user’s computer and not the server, taking a much smaller toll on your valuable resources. As web technology continues to develop, you may have an older website that could benefit from a little updating. Web developers use code like JavaScript to bring a new element of usability to your site.

JavaScript is one of the three major technologies involved in the construction of web content, the other two being HTML and CSS. Working in harmony together, these three programming languages produce the modern responsive and interactive websites that are widely used today.

The importance of JavaScript in web development is here to stay and those interested in creating applications should note this trend carefully. Knowledge of JavaScript continues to be increasingly important and those interested in creating content for the web face making one of two choices: the first being to learn JavaScript for themselves or the second, consider offshoring software development.

Freelancer.com has an incredible wealth of software developers for hire that are sure to meet your web application development needs. You will be able to hire JavaScript developers with ease using the plethora of tools available to employers using the Freelancer platform. It’s as easy as posting a public project. Post your project for free. Simply write a detailed description of your JavaScript needs and in no time freelance computer programmers will be flocking to your project, offering competitive bids for their services.

Does your project require a certain set of skills or experience? Not a problem! Use the Freelancer Directory to hire a web developer to work your application. View his or her public profile and offer to hire them directly from their profile.

With all of the talented JavaScript developers on the site, it’s completely understandable if you become overwhelmed by the decision you’re about to make. It’s a good problem to have! Fortunately, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the site’s top JavaScript development talent and made it directly available to you! By hiring one of Freelancer.com’s talent recruiters, your project will be shared with the best freelance computer programmers on the site.

Just like public projects, these Preferred Freelancers will offer competitive bids along with their proposals on how to make your JavaScript project the very best they can be. Talk with the Preferred Freelancers and your Recruiters about the bids and from there you can make an informed decision on which JavaScript developer to proceed with.

Still having trouble deciding? Your Recruiter can even provide their personal recommendation as to which JavaScript developer to hire! Between your Preferred Freelancer and Recruiter, you’ve got a winning team!

Finding a JavaScript developer on Freelancer.com is as easy as ever, so what are you waiting for? Kickstart your JavaScript project today by finding your next JavaScript developer at Freelancer.com.