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    Freelancer in Schaumburg, United States
    43 Reviews

    100% Human translation guaranteed! I am native Japanese Speaker who has 13 years experience in IT field as programmer and software analyst. I grew up and graduated the college in Japan and working in Chicago for 12 years. Deep knowledge on Web and Apps. Yes, I speak your words! I am also official translator for the ...

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  • Roughman911's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in kyoto, Japan
    32 Reviews

    Hi , I'm Roughman. I usually work as a Web Page Programmer in Japan. I lived in America so I speak English fluently. And I have worked as a translator for some products for Japanese people. So you can make very natural and accurate Japanese sentences that attract Japanese people from English! And you can also ma ...

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  • koyamasayoko's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Melbourne, Australia
    15 Reviews

    Thank you very much for visiting my profile page. I am a native speaker of Japanese and have been working as an Executive Assistant to Tokyo-based President/Country Manager in American companies in the last 3 years, after studying Translation and Interpretation in Australia. With my husband, I just moved back to ...

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  • hayatakimasaharu's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Samukawa-machi, Japan
    68 Reviews

    "If you build it, they will come."​ That line may have worked in the Field of Dreams, but it's a bad web marketing strategy. My name is Masaharu Hayataki and I help you localize your online marketing activities including web site, blogging, PPC, PR, Social Media marketing, SEO.

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  • JapanTmk's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Valencia, Spain
    17 Reviews

    Every project is the most important one for the customer, so it is for me. I offer natural translations, always proofreading the works by a native speaker. If you want quality in the work and the service, then you can find it in me. [+] Languages - Japanese (native) - Spanish (Full professional proficiency) - Engl ...

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  • Marie2014's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Setagaya-ku, Japan
    7 Reviews

    I'm a freelance translator, a proof-reader and translation coordinator born and brought up in Tokyo, Japan. I left graduate school of the University of Tokyo and have sufficient academic background, especially scientific field. I'm much more better at Japanese than average Japanese people. I need a little bit more ...

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Finding Japanese Translators on Freelancer

With over 125 million native Japanese speakers living in Japan today, if your business has any global connections then you will need the services of someone who is an expert in the Japanese language.

If a colleague or an employee has studied Japanese and had a knowledge of Japanese to English translation, it may be enough for basic communications but for business dealings of any depth the services of a Japanese translator which can be found on Freelancer.com will lead to success within the Japanese market.

If you have a global marketing strategy which extends to Japan, then it is essential that it is written by somebody that is fluent in the Japanese language. This document holds your reputation at stake, and there is no room for error which can be easily made by somebody who isn't an expert in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (components of the Japanese writing system). The Japanese written and spoken language is vastly different to the English language, and a basic knowledge of understanding is not enough to complete often complex business dealings.

In addition to being able to speak another language and understand what somebody is speaking the Japanese language is saying to you there are cultural elements to consider too. Regional areas often have their local dialect or slang which someone who isn't a native speaker wouldn't be aware of. A knowledge of the Japanese dictionary doesn't give an overall picture of the Japanese culture, and that knowledge is essential to carry out successful business dealings.

It is very hard to understand the Japanese language as the sentence structure is very different to English. The sentence pattern is not similar to the English style, and there is a unique word order which can be a challenge for inexperienced language translators. Word for word translation does not always make sense from Japanese to English, and a great deal of skill is required to translate the Japanese language.

To hire one person who can service your translation requirements from start to finish, such as one of the thousands of Japanese speaking translation specialists available on Freelancer.com will eliminate any risk of disparity. Professional Japanese translators will be available to translate based on your industry and be able to pin-point the key information that is required for the professional translation document.

Not only are native Japanese translators available on Freelancer.com but you can also request the services of a dedicated industry specialist. Many industries have technical terminology and protocol to adhere to which someone without translation skills and experience would struggle to interpret. An industry specific translator, however, will be able to communicate with relevant personnel to ensure the precision and excellence of their work.

Hiring a Japanese language expert through Freelancer.com will benefit your global company as it will eliminate any misunderstandings in verbal and written communications.

Visit Freelancer.com today to view the range of Japanese translation experts available for business and personal documents.