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  • AdelaTraduzioni's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in VALBREMBO, Italy
    118 Reviews

    Hello! My name is Adela! I am an Italian/English teacher and certified translator. I have been working in the field of translations since 2001. I have a university degree in foreign languages (Italian Language and Literature - English Language and Literature) and a diploma in sworn translation and court interpreta ...

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  • mattiavolpato's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in San Giorgio delle Pertice, Italy
    96 Reviews

    I am a native-speaking professional Italian translator with 12 years experience as a freelance translator for several Italian and European companies. My daily work involves technical and commercial translations from Italian to English/French/German, including technical manuals, brochures, technical documents, sales ...

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  • Silvia90's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Savona, Italy
    70 Reviews

    I'm graduating in Communication Studies and I've studied English, Spanish and French. I work as web communication consultant and web designer freelance and I can translate from English or from Spanish to Italian. I create websites, especially based on Wordpress. My skills is about web marketing, social media, ...

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  • silviasunlight's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chivasso, Italy
    59 Reviews

    My name is Silvia, I'm 26 and I have a Master degree in Intercultural Communication. I'm a native Italian speaker and a professional translator. Please check my reviews and if you hire me it will be a pleasure working with you. Outsource me for your project and I promise to bring in the best output!

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  • giusss's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Salerno, Italy
    56 Reviews

    Hello everyone! I am a native Italian speaker and I am fluent in Spanish and English. I am a translator with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature. Translating is my specialty! I can translate any type of text! Another task I really enjoy is proof reading. I have been correcting all types of texts for year ...

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  • GiuseppeDiFede's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Gela, Italy
    27 Reviews

    Hello! My name is Giuseppe and my native language is Italian. In addition I know English because I studied it and I use it at work daily. Actually I work for a multinational company and I like talking with my foreign colleagues in order to know deeply their culture. I am able to work as an independent freelancer ...

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Finding Italian Translators on Freelancer

65 million people in the EU speak the flamboyant Italian language, registering Italian in podium position as the third most widely spoken language in the region. It is recognized as an official language not only in its homeland, but also in San Marino, Switzerland, the Vatican City and Istria, a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea shared with Slovenia and Croatia. Italian has historical significance in a multitude of additional regions including Monaco, Malta and Albania. While the language no longer enjoys official status in these constituents, it is still widely communicated.

Large expatriate communities throughout the world continue to build on the legacy of the Italian vocalization. Three are over a million native Italian speakers in the USA (from a pool of 17 million descendants), and in Canada and Australia Italian is second only to Chinese as the most widely spoken non-official language with 660,000 people and 1.4% of the population respectively.

Italian continues to be prevalent in teachings throughout Europe and the world. A second language to in excess of 14 million in Europe, various language experts have listed it as the fourth most popular second tongue taught in worldwide curricula.

With close ties to the ancient Latin language, Italian is one of several European ‘Romance’ languages. Italian sustains strong ties to the Catholic hierarchy, as a bridge language for the jurisdiction of the Catholic church in Rome. The Italian language has been highly influential in music terminology and the discipline of Opera singing, and is prominent in the arts and markets relating to luxury goods.

Italy remains one of the largest exporters in the world (8th in 2015) delivering in excess of $500 billion in exports worldwide. As a founding member of the EU, Italy trades heavily with EU partners Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland and Spain, as well as to the United states with approximately 7% of trade into this market.

Over the last 60 years Italy, currently the fourth largest national economy in Europe, has transformed from an agricultural focus to an advanced industrialized economy and world heavyweight in trade and exports. Italy possesses a strong manufacturing arm (the second largest in Europe), and has particular expertise in automobile, appliances and fashion design, while remaining competitive agriculturally - primarily as the world’s largest wine producer.

If you are looking to extend your business within any of these or related sectors, or are simply looking to break down language limitations, you need an Italian translator to optimize communications.

If you're looking to reach a new audience, make sure you're speaking their language. Freelancer.com is home to thousands of Italian speaking freelancers eagerly awaiting your project. Regardless of your industry or requirements, with over 19 million users, you'll be sure to find an expert translator to complete your project. Don't wait. Post a project for free today, and kickstart your next translation project.