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    Freelancer in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    38 Reviews

    I am a Network Engineer and Technical Writer, working in the industry of Computer network since 2008, At this time I have worked on Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewalls and various Networking terminologies like MPLS, Routing Protocols, Security, Switching and many more. I have CCNA certification. I also have expe ...

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  • juanccna's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in machiques, Venezuela
    26 Reviews

    I have an international cerification CCNA (cisco certified network associate) Routing and Switching, I can design, configure and troubleshoot networks, I have a lot of experience working on packet tracer because I studied at a cisco academy also I am studing to take my CCNP(cisco certified network professional) cer ...

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  • dplazas's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Caracas, Spain
    21 Reviews

    Your information security and your company's IT security is my compromise. I pretend to honor it every time you allow me to help you. I am a Pentester, Ethical Hacker, Web security consultant, Network security consultant and Server security consultant for Windows and Linux platforms with more than 14 years improvi ...

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  • aspar1978's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in suceava, Romania
    6 Reviews

    The services I provide are the following: 1. Web Research 2. Web Scrapping 3. Email List-building 4. Bulk extractor 5. BACKLINKS & FOOTPRINTS MARKETING & HOSTING ACCOUNTS

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  • gmparsons's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Winston Salem, United States
    4 Reviews

    Mike is the principal at BlueTeamAssess LLC and views himself as a Security Evangelist and Mentor. He believes information security has both a tactical and strategic value proposition for any organization and must not be viewed as a discretionary expense. Mike’s areas of expertise are in information technology, s ...

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  • engrgulnawaz's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Islamabad, Pakistan
    67 Reviews

    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering & have 8+ years hands on experiance in network planning, designing, implementation, optimization, integration, security, troubleshooting & penetration testing along with wide range of training and certification. I have hands on experience on well known boxes of networking ...

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Finding Internet Security Experts on Freelancer

Internet security is a branch of computer science that is focused on the Internet, in particular, browser security and network security on operating systems.

Internet security measures are focused on establishing rules and measures to protect computer systems from attacks via the Internet. Business and individuals engage internet security measures to protect their computer systems from fraud and data theft.

Cyber security is essential in today’s online world and business and individuals should be well aware of the risks of cybercrime and fraud online.

There is a range of Internet security threats which may include:

  • Malware - this is malicious software that is created to disrupt the operation of a computer in a negative manner. The software collects sensitive information and gains access to private areas of a computer system with the intent to cause harm to the system or the individual/business.
  • Computer viruses - these are files that are designed to infect other systems or files purposely and steal data.
  • Computer worms - these programs replicate themselves on a computer system and perform malicious tasks that are detrimental to the computer system.
  • Ransomware - this type of software infects the systems and demands a ransom paid to the creator for the virus to be removed.
  • Scareware - a software that is sold to individuals via unethical marketing practices, this software usually has little to no benefit to the consumer.
  • Spyware - one of the most sinister programs, this program infects the computer system and gathers personal information without the user’s consent.
  • Phishing - this is a process whereby the attacker pretends to be trustworthy and can be via an email or website.

Ways to counteract Internet security issues are outlined below:

  • SSL layer - this secure sockets layer adds a secure protection and is encrypted and can be used for websites, emails and as a network security layer.
  • Security token - providing a code which constantly changes is one way to counteract security issues on a website.
  • Antivirus security software - these software programs protect the computer system and constantly update and are aware of any new Internet security threats.
  • Firewalls - this protects networks and screen traffic and can block anything that appears dangerous from entering an individual’s or business's network.

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