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  • KucherovStudio's Profile Picture
    Interior Design and Planning Expert
    37 Reviews

    Expert in Interior Design and Planning! Expertise in AutoCad, ArchiCAD, Revit, 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop. Has been involved in projects as interior designer for 8 years.

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  • milaniskrenov's Profile Picture
    Interior Design Professional
    64 Reviews

    Interior Design professional with an outstanding set of skills in Architecture including the usage of AutoCAD, 3DSmax & Photoshop. Ambitious focused on delivering high quality work

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  • GMassaferro's Profile Picture
    Interior Design and Planning Expert
    76 Reviews

    Interior Design and planning expert with over 8 years of experience in design and 3D manipulation. Highly skilled in urban planning, technical drawing and architectural design

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  • Newladle's Profile Picture
    Interior Designing Expert
    55 Reviews

    Interior Design expert with a university degree in design, and strong competancies in 3D modeling, drawing and visualization. Proficient in 3ds Max, Revit, AutoCad and Archicad.

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  • ashishirin's Profile Picture
    Talented Interior Designer
    45 Reviews

    Interior Designer with a contemporary and minimalistic style. Skilled in handling projects with both minimal and complex styles. Enjoys working with different spaces.

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  • Vouage's Profile Picture
    Excellent Interior Designer
    26 Reviews

    Professional CG Artist and excellent Interior Designer. Offers 2D drawing and 3D modeling services related to interior design using AutoCAD and 3Ds Max.

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Finding Interior Designers on Freelancer

When designing and decorating the inside of a room or building, it is increasingly common to employ the services of a professional interior designer. An interior designer possesses prowess in understanding spaces, behaviors and delivering building interiors that are functional, comfortable and attractive.

A professional interior designer becomes expertly involved in the entire reconditioning process from design concept development and approval, stakeholder engagement, through to coordinating and managing successful execution of the design. Interior design is however distinctly different from interior decorating. Design requires a comprehensive understanding of the art of design and science of behavioral patterns. Interior decorators are typically associated only with furnishing a space with attractive items and color palettes. Frequently, interior designers will decorate, but rarely do decorators become involved in the design aspect.

Strong planning skills are essential in interior design to ensure a functional and productive use of space, adherence to building codes, health and safety regulations, and technical considerations such as lighting, acoustics or access ways. Having said this, a strong focus on sustainable design principles is becoming increasingly important for modern interior design experts. Interior designers will work closely with multiple contractors, including architects, engineers, builders and laborers.

Progressively, interior designers are becoming less generalist, instead opting to specialize in a defined design niche. An improved academic and technical knowledge and perceived industry expertise are real benefits of narrowing a service portfolio. These areas include:

  • Residential design entails the planning of interiors for private residences.
  • Commercial interior design, on the other hand, has numerous branches including corporate fit outs, hospitality, healthcare, education, exhibition design, and visual and special branding.

A great way to find an interior designer with expertise in a particular design niche is by using a freelancer. Becoming an interior designer typically involves some form of training or education. Historically the education has been provided ‘on the job’ by shadowing an existing interior designer, similar to an apprenticeship. Nowadays formal study is common, typically through an art or design school, or university, with Bachelors or certificate level qualifications available. Additionally, they'll also have to be experts in SketchUp and CAD softwares in order to design a functional and stunning space for their clients.  

Finding just any interior designer is relatively easy. Finding one that has the distinct skills you require, experience in a particular niche, and (equally importantly) has a creative output that matches your design preferences, can be increasingly difficult. Freelancer.com provides immediate access to thousands of interior design specialists from throughout the globe. By listing your interior design project (with a detailed description of the work to be done), you will instantly receive proposals or bids from a range of interested parties with the appropriate skills to complete your design task. Not to mention at an affordable price! Alternatively, browse through individual freelancer portfolios on Freelancer.com to unearth design skills that appeal and contact your chosen freelancer directly. With over 19 million users, you'll be sure to find the perfect designer for your job. Post a project today to find the perfect freelancer for your next interior design project.