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    Freelancer in Douala, Cameroon
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    I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and ITIL Accredited Trainer. I am also MCSA Windows Server 2012, MCSE Private Cloud and ITIL Specialist with more than then years in IT Support and Delivery. Currently I am working for an Oil and Gas company as Computing Supervisor supervising. coaching and training a team of ta ...

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    Freelancer in Ariquemes, Brazil
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    - More than 10 years working in the administrative area in public service. - Degree in System Analysis and Development. - Elevated skill with Mathematics, Excel, Google Search. - JavaScript developer. - Availability 14x7. -Languages: Native in Portuguese Intermediate in English Basic in Italian I am very discipl ...

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    Freelancer in Ujjain, United States
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    Passionate Hardworking Company To Make Your Work Easy.We are always there to help you.The difference between us and others is we are new so we put more efforts to prove .

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    Freelancer in Surabaya, Indonesia
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    I'm a Computer Engineering Lecturer, an IT auditor, and an IT System Designer. Master of Information System from ITS Surabaya

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    Freelancer in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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    , Russian, Greek, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Georgian, Ukrainian, Croatian, 00cd777f60Chinese036b96b41a, Japanese, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Polish, Urdu, Arabic, Estonian, Siberian, Hausa and almost all other more info or inquiries, please contact us , and you'll be answered promptly.

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    Freelancer in Cochabamba, Bolivia
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    Telecommunications engineer, master degree in telematics systems, teacher of university, for the informatic systems and telecommunications career.

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Finding ITIL Experts on Freelancer

Are you looking to improve efficiencies and expected service levels within your business? Or are you searching for an overall solution which will standardize and streamline IT provisions for your organization? If so then ITIL will bring you great benefit.

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is a group of systems and procedures which make up an overall IT service management toolkit. The theories of ITIL are based on achieving alignment of IT equipment and infrastructure with the needs of the business.

The key difference in ITIL from traditional IT solutions is that certain aspects of it can be implemented or excluded depending on what is relevant to each particular business.

The elements that make up the ITIL service desk are as follows:

  • Incident Management – all businesses are faced with IT issues on an ongoing basis, it is almost unavoidable when dealing with applications and programs on a daily basis. Incident Management is the crux of ITIL and it is built to simplify management of incidents.
  • Problem Management – ITIL has a set of defined processes which help IT teams identify and rectify problems which have occurred often as a result of incidents.
  • Change Management – ITIL is created with the aim of implementing strategies to minimize any risks or loss to business often associated with changing systems, infrastructure and programs.
  • Ticketing – ITIL provides a ticketing system which prioritizes and organizes support tickets so that all IT issues are rectified in a methodical and by order of importance.
  • Service request management – ITIL protocol provides methods to separate support enquiries so that each IT specialist can focus on their area of proficiency and expertise to ensure dedicated service which rectifies errors within a much faster turnaround.

A company using ITIL will provide an enhanced service surrounding their IT systems which can offer the following benefits to the organization:

  • Make better use of existing resources which will save the company money.
  • Remove threats associated with redundancy.
  • Provide KPI measurables.
  • Amalgamate key central processes.
  • Provide IT services that meet the needs and demands of the business.
  • Decrease room for error.

ITIL was created to increase IT efficiencies within an organization by reducing the risk of downtime commonly created by unstable systems and infrastructure.     

If you are looking to implement ITIL systems into your organization you can benefit by hiring an ITIL trained expert found on Freelancer.com. Their varied range of training, skills and experience will mean that you can provide your company with up to date and relevant IT solutions which will enhance operations and therefore profit.

IT is one of the biggest threats to the seamless operation within any organization and engaging with an ITIL expert found on Freelancer.com will remove those threats and ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors by remaining online and fully functional at all times.