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Top 6 Health Assistants Hired This Month

  • sathighosh88's Profile Picture
    Health and Wellness Adviser
    34 Reviews

    Offers quality health and wellness services and programs that do not entail high costs. Encouraging prevention of illnesses through healthy eating and lifestyle.

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  • MWaits's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in undefined, United States
    10 Reviews

    I have always loved researching different topics that I find interesting. Let me find the information that you need.

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  • mukhtar7861's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Al Nakheel, United Arab Emirates
    32 Reviews

    I am an experienced writer and reviewer for research articles, book chapters, critiques, general articles, grants, Ph.D. proposals, and web blogs, in biomedical and social sciences. I am also an invited regular reviewer and examiner for Masters and Doctoral theses of several higher education institutes. Based on...

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  • annoy007's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in DURGAPUR, India
    17 Reviews

    i am a medical student..

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  • Wording4you's Profile Picture
    Geriatric Care Practitioner
    7 Reviews

    hdas dealt with the elderly and/or disabled for more than 5 years. Prepares plans and also takes care of the aged to promote their quality of life, health and well-being.

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  • Muzammil196's Profile Picture
    Health Clinical Researcher
    120 Reviews

    Specializes in brain-related clinical researches and clinical trials to help find an affordable and readily available cure for epilepsy, brain tumor and other brain-related issues.

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Finding Health Assistants on Freelancer

Health experts are individuals that specialise in areas such as nutrition, diseases and syndromes, health  and fitness. They are skilled at creating customized fitness and nutrition plans, producing content rich health reports and conducting research intended for health-related written content. Health experts may come from all different career fields from registered nurses to personal trainers. These experts have insight on medical advances, including technology, as well as the inner-workings of the human body, and the ability to understand medical jargon.

Who will benefit from hiring a health expert?

  • Anyone looking to start a diet and requiring dietary or health advice. A Health expert can help build a diet or fitness plan to suit your current lifestyle.

  • Fitness and health bloggers can benefit from the assistance of a health expert to produce content that is accurate, informative, and filled with industry specific jargon.

  • Organizations looking to make others aware of a specific cause or disease can benefit from having an infographic made by a health expert. 

  • Authors looking to write a book about a particular health topic should definitely look into the guidance of a health expert. Not only will this improve the quality of factual content within the book, but also frees up the time of the author to solely focus on writing and editing.

  • Physician’s may seek the assistance of an individual that is skilled in reading medical records and charts, as well as data-entry, for large-scale projects such as moving their paper patient records into a computer-based program.

  • Individuals keeping a symptom journal to assist their doctor with a diagnosis or treatment could hire a health expert to help organize their journal into an easy to read spreadsheet prior to their next check-up. This will ensure that the physician is able to easily understand the information the patient has provided so that they can work toward a diagnosis or treatment plan.

The list of tasks a health expert is irreplaceable for is endless so why not look into hiring a professional? If you’re looking for a solution for your health needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project. Post a project on freelancer.com and hire a health expert today.