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  • Gandhi4all's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Neunkirchen am Brand, Germany
    1 Reviews

    I am working as a freelance tour guide, photographer, designer, art painter and travel writer since 1987. During that time I have visited many places around the world and published some books about some of the most interesting destinations.

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  • Soorya97's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in coimbatore, India
    2 Reviews

    Well, I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn

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  • Kelcib's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in undefined, United States
    2 Reviews

    My name is Kelci and I am an experienced mechanical drafter. I can create realistic 3D product renderings as well as professional technical drawings for construction and manufacturing.

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  • usama2709's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Harappa, Sahiwal,, Pakistan
    3 Reviews

    Senior year student of Bachelors degree in International Relations. I can work as article writer, academic writer, review writer, critique, ghostwriter and any project related to writing. If you hire me, you'll get: 1. 100% surety of project completion. 2. 100% surety of plagiarism free work. 3. Up to date knowledge...

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  • safeusa200's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Fall River, United States
    1 Reviews

    New Construction // Landscaping // Commercial Cleaning // Property maintenance // Remodeling //Tile Flooring //Cement & Stone Work// Framing & Finish Carpentry Furniture Removal Television Disposal & Recycling Yard Waste Removal Foreclosure Clean Outs Appliance Removal Hot Tub Disposal E-Waste Disposal Trash...

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  • azanalda's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    3 Reviews

    Please consider my portfolio for your 3D booth/ display design projects. I have been working as an exhibition booth designer since 2001.. I have the ability to work collegially along with the team or as an independent freelancer. I look forward to being hired by you.

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Finding Handymans on Freelancer

Need a loose faucet tightened? Have a leaky toilet? Want your washing machine tweaked? Or simply want a few light bulbs changed? Employing the services of a local handyman can be a cost effective and time saving endeavor. Finding that expert handyman can be a somewhat tedious task though, so how can you get all this done and more without wracking your brains?

Freelancer.com can help! By registering, and posting your particular need or needs and having candidates apply for your project, can mean you may just have your handyman working and getting your house or office into ship shape in no time.

What to look out for in your next possible Handyman

Not everyone can be a handyman and you would not want to be employing just anyone either. Issues of bad workmanship, security risks and stupid high costs are enough reason to treat this with caution. So, look out for these elements in your next handyman:

  • Qualified Referrals – ensuring your handyman can provide you with quality referrals that can account for his or her quality workmanship is essential
  • Experience – at least 3 years’ experience in a particular part of handwork, like plumbing, engineering or electrical work is important – whether it be work they have taken on themselves or where they have worked in a team – it all counts
  • Labor Fees – a handyman makes their money off of the labor fees they charge – make sure they are not exorbitant hourly rates that can set you back a pretty fortune
  • Timeliness – an on-time and timely handyman is essential – you don’t want them hanging around in your personal or working space for too long
  • Good Workmanship – quality work is vital – so check with his referrals how his work stood up over time
  • Qualifications – most handymen can take on most little jobs, but ensure that they are not trying to be a plumber without the right qualification or an electrician who could wire up your entire house incorrectly.

Why use Freelancer for your next Handyman?

Here are a few reasons to use Freelancer.com for your handyman services:

  • Low Costs – freelancers can offer lower costs due to their low overheads because most of them work from home
  • Efficiency – with qualified references and ratings, you can be assured you are employing someone who is efficient and will get the jobs done timorously
  • Low Fees – Freelancers fees are low and won’t set you back a packet
  • Simplicity – registering, advertising, analyzing and choosing your next Handyman for life can be as simple as 1-2-3 on Freelancer.com
  • Secure – paying your freelance handyman can be a secure process – you only pay them via the Freelancer website, in their unique Milestones, as they finish a job to your satisfaction. 
  • Future Work – whenever you need a handyman again, you can just search for your preferred handyman and employ their services again, as and when you need them
  • Security – allowing a stranger into your house can pose a risk, so knowing that you can qualify this with the Freelancer website is a blessing and essentially a life saver