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Top 6 Google SketchUp Experts Hired This Month

  • iqbalsheikh89's Profile Picture
    3D Freelance Artist
    22 Reviews

    Strong graphic presentation with a broad experience in Civil 3d Software, 3Dmodeling, Google SketchUp, Adobe Suites Software such as Photoshop, inDesign and Illustrator.

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  • GMassaferro's Profile Picture
    3D Modeling Expert
    75 Reviews

    Expert and experienced in 3D modeling and 3D reconstruction using Google SketchUp. Driven to create a unique product character and texture. Proven expertise from former clients.

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  • archaudrey01's Profile Picture
    Expert in Google SketchUp
    100 Reviews

    Proven expertise with the number of years working through all phases of different designs using different 3D softwares such as Google SketchUp and LightWave 3D.

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  • Tarkhanyan's Profile Picture
    3D Modeling Google SketchUp Pro
    53 Reviews

    Experienced in 3D modeling and design using Google SketchUp for architectural projects. Exceptionally creative, skilled, motivated to deliver high-quality design.

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  • LuizaPi's Profile Picture
    Creative Design Associate
    18 Reviews

    Extensive experience in planning and designing through 3D software, Google SketchUp and AutoCAD. Ensures quality customer service and excellent results

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  • AdamTomaszczyk's Profile Picture
    3D Visualization Artist
    7 Reviews

    Proficient in producing Architectural project through 3D modeling and rendering with the use of Google SketchUp and other software. Delivers detailed product design.

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Finding Google SketchUp Experts on Freelancer

SketchUp is a handy 3D modeling program that provides a wide range of drawing applications particularly for architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering industries.

Formerly owned by Google, the program has a freeware version and also a paid version that offers additional functionality for users.

The program has a range of features including an open source library of model assemblies, a 3D warehouse to share models and a program, which allows users to draw layout functionality plus a range of plug-in programs for enhanced capabilities including photo-realistic rendering and integration with Google Earth.

A SketchUp professional can create sketches from conception to your concept’s fruition including programming, diagramming, design development, detailing documentation, RFI’s – basically every element of the 3D modeling process.

3D modeling improves the efficiency and general look & feel of designs. 3D modeling allows for an improved speed and accuracy compared to 2D designs and is the most up to date format for displaying drawings and models in the design, architecture and engineering fields.

Benefits of using the 3D modeling capabilities of SketchUp include:

  • Speed and accuracy - 3D modeling can construct sites or structures much faster than 2D drawings or models can. 3D models clearly outline intricate aspects of a site or structure because they provide a more accurate & detailed picture.  
  • Optimal Precision - Professionals can use 3D laser scanning to create micro models of real spaces. This means architects and engineers don't have to spend time measuring and re-checking parts of a structure to develop a precise 3D model.  
  • Scenario visualization - SketchUp professionals can manipulate 3D models in a way they often can't be done with traditional 2D CAD drawings. Professionals can validate their plans and identify any issues or expected problems with the structure's design quality.
  • Quick turnaround - By using programs such as SketchUp & SketchUp Pro, architects and engineers can spend less time on the design stage of their projects and more time on each specific task. Professionals use 3D modeling to save themselves from time consuming reworking projects and increases in budgets.

If you’re not trained and experienced in SketchUp, you’re going to find it challenging to use all of the features and capabilities of the program for your project. Engaging an experience SketchUp professional with a deep understanding of the program will allow you to focus on the elements of your project that you’re proficient in and leave the rest to seasoned professionals.

Engaging a Sketch Up professional from Freelancer.com provides a range of benefits including:

  • Get someone who understands and can use all elements of the program
  • Quick turnaround for 3D modeling
  • Cost effective
  • Experienced professionals from all over the World

Sketch Up freelancers from Freelancer.com can help your design dreams come to live in 3D.  If you’re looking for a skilled SketchUp professional for your project, jump online and find a SketchUp expert today!