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  • nguyenquanglong's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    32 Reviews

    Technical skills: 1. Strong GIS skills with Arcgis, Surfer, Mapinfo: digitize, cartography, topology, metadata, analyze image, spatial statistics, model builder. 2. Strong C#, javascript, php programming skills. 3. High level of experience with GIS (4 years). 4. Knowledge of SQL server, PostGIS, PostgreSQL. 5....

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  • HuiYing210's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Yanji, China
    38 Reviews

    Skill set: - Apple Watch App(WatchKit, Xcode6.2), Swift, UIStoryboard, AutoLayout, OpenEars. - Pubnub, CocoaLumberjack, SpriteKit, OCR, Google Analytics, Stripe, - Develop innovative mobile solutions with iPhone/iPad/Android/, Objective-C, Java, Ruby, REST, React Native, Objective Cloud Services and virtualization -...

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  • jatindhoot's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jodhpur, India
    249 Reviews

    Namaste, Welcome to Microlent. Microlent are a group composed of tech savvy individual's and marketing geniuses who banded together to get India, and the world, digitally engaged. We are about technology and how it can help you reach your maximum potential. We are a real company based in India and as well as our...

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  • cobol1962's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Pancevo, Serbia
    45 Reviews

    My name is Nenad Markovic and I am highly educated programmer. Finished school in Serbia in year 1984. Since 1988 I have worked as a full time, professional developer initially with COBOL, I have undertaken all types of IT. Dbase III, MSACCESS, VB, VBA. In 2005 I successfully transferred to web technologies at first...

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  • avinashjain09's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Indore, India
    116 Reviews

    I will provide the best solutions for web development, mobile apps and designing. My aim here is to provide quality services with reliability. Skills: PHP | MYSQL | CODEIGNITER | WORDPRESS | PAYMENT GATEWAY | API INTEGRATION | BOOTSTRAP | AJAX | HTML | YII | LARAVEL | ANGULARJS | MONDODB | NODEJS | PSD TO HTML |...

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  • karlheinz's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Tomsk, Russian Federation
    79 Reviews

    I am a developer with more than 10 years of experience. My skills include PHP, JavaScript, Hybrid Applications, SQL, NoSQL, HTML/CSS etc. I also have experience with C#, C/C++, Objective-C. I am interested in projects related to maps, cartography, gis, geolocation.

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Finding Google Maps API Experts on Freelancer

Google Maps API allows users to customize maps and navigability data for use in various applications and on websites. To date, Google Maps has provided an API for almost all operating systems and continuously aims to update their application for better quality and advanced options.

The flexibility of Google Maps API makes it easy to tailor to the specific needs of all types of industries. Banks, real estate agents, and retailers are just a few of the sectors that have found multiple ways to incorporate it into their websites and for analytical purposes. Below are some of the clever ways that corporations have put the Google Maps API to use that could be cultivated into a new project idea.

  1. The banking industry uses Google Maps API in order to monitor locations of consumers and clients to be understand their needs, as well as to gain insight on what areas would be best to prospect for new clients. Banks are also using this program in order to improve emergency response time.

  2. Real estate agencies have found ingenious ways to use Google Maps API to improve their business as well. With the help of an expert, this API has been customized to help agents gain insights as to land purchasing trends to assist with prospecting and the demographics for various neighborhoods in order to help clients find a new home in the perfect location.

  3. Even landlords are using Google Maps API in order to more efficiently manage multiple properties. By using a developer that is skilled with this API it is possible to know the specific locations of different repair services closest to a rental property and then quickly reach them when needed.

  4. The retail industry have also leveraged Google Maps API with the  ability to list store location, paired with real time inventory updates.

  5. The telecommunications industry apply Google Maps API to streamline and dispatch more effectively, find new customers, identify market growth, and optimize their routing systems.

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