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    Freelancer in Antananarivo, Madagascar
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    Hey there, I am on Freelancer since 2014, I do all works in french, rfrench canadian, including writing, proofreading, translating, transcribing. I can provide you excellent work.

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    Freelancer in Jaipur, India
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    We are one of the leading SEO Internet Marketing Company in India. Our experts are ready to help you improve Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines ranking using White Hat techniques. We are a team of 80+ dedicated Link builders, SEO experts, Web developers with big experience. Our main goal is to deliver qual ...

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    Freelancer in Jaipur, India
    2530 Reviews

    Hello, We offer SEO, Website design and development services. We have 85+ employee who can provide white hat SEO, link building, SMO, Keyword research, ON site website optimization, Backlink analysis, Competitor back link analysis, White hat SEO as per Latest Google guideline. WHY CHOOSE US: 1:- 7 Years SEO ...

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    Google Adwords Expert
    73 Reviews

    Several years experience in providing guaranteed Internet Marketing Solution using only approved white hat Google Adwords services. Very reliable and recommendable to all.

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    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    47 Reviews

    , Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, ,geckoboard, piwik etc Get the data you need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions with b3b3e91f77Google8d8c4f0c48 b3b3e91f77Analytics8d8c4f0c48. Available for websites, apps, and enterprise businesses ... - Enterprise - scale date, Premium-level service. 2. b3b3e91f77Analytics8d8c4f0c48 for Mobile Apps - Measure the end-to-end value of your app. 3. b3b3e91f77Google8d8c4f0c48 Tag Manager - Update your website tags easily, without having to edit ... code. **INSIGHTFUL - Get to know your audience** ========================= b3b3e91f77Google8d8c4f0c48 b3b3e91f77Analytics8d8c4f0c48 helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs.

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    Freelancer in Craiova, Romania
    10 Reviews

    I'm Mike, a passionate SEO Expert, SEO Consultant & a perfectionist. I eat, sleep and breathe search engine optimization. I know everything about it and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s constantly running through my mind, because I love ranking websites at the top of Google. It’s all I ever want to do, and I w ...

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Finding Google Adwords Experts on Freelancer

Google adwords is an advertising service offered by Google to its users allowing advertisers to display a copy of their product to web users. Optimising your online advertisement can be achieved by purchasing keywords from Google to enable clickable adverts to appear via Google search results.

How it works?

When you purchase keywords from Google, you can write your advertisement content with the keyword. Whenever someone searches for your kind of product, Google will showcase yours in their results.

If you are paying higher than other advertisers, and the content of your advert is rated high in quality and relevance, your advert will appear on search engines. You can use the CPC known as the cost-per-click or the CPM, cost-per-impression. On the cost-per-click budget, the advertiser pays Google every time someone clicks on your ad while on the CPM, payment is made to search engine every one thousand times your ad appear on SERP.

Having an online presence will not just introduce your brand; it will place your brand among the key players in the industry. Why not look into hiring a Google-adword expert?

Who is a Google-adword expert?

An expert on adwords will do the following things for you:

  • Keyword researching
  • Undertake manual bid management within Google
  • Land page optimization recommendation
  • Structuring and restructuring your account
  • Undertake Google search and display networks
  • Undertake manual phone tracking within Google-adwords

If you are looking to hire a Google-adword expert, there are some qualifications you need to look out for. The consultant must have passed an exam in Google-adwords and Analytics and acquired certificates such as:

  • Search advertisement certificate
  • Adwords fundamentals certificate
  • Mobile advertisement certification
  • Display Advertisement certificate
  • Video Advertisement certificate
  • Shopping Advertisement certificate

Hiring a Google-adwords consultant is all your business needs to be noticed and build patronage. Why not hire an expert from Freelancer.com? On this platform, you can access millions of profiles where you can select the best candidate for your business needs. There are several advantages of hiring a freelancer; they can work both online and offline depending on your location and are ready to work on your schedule and within your budget.

Save yourself the stress and cost of advertisement today by hiring a Google-adword consultant on Freelancer.com today.