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    Freelancer in Tampa, United States
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    .'. .'. Thank you for viewing my profile and your interest in hiring me! I offer top-quality translations from English to German and vice versa. As an American who was born in Germany, where I also graduated from a German school, I speak both languages flawlessly. Before becoming a translator in 2012, I worked in ...

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    Freelancer in Odessa, Ukraine
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    Publishing * 2d759fcc96Transcriptionsf2fc2af2ec and Transcreations * Voice-over Express Service available, with guaranteed online delivery time Broad international professional background, built on solid academic

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    Freelancer in Hohenöllen, Germany
    244 Reviews

    I was born in germany. My wife was born in the USA. Wir haben zwei Muttersprachen für Übersetzungen parat. We provide two native languages for translations. We also can do any service we're able to. Looking forward to working with you

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    Freelancer in Perugia, Italy
    60 Reviews

    I am an experienced translator and operate in this fallow for 6 years. Like you can see in my profile I was working successfully for various companies and private individuals. I can be hired for almost anything that requires the translation, the editing or writing from the English or Italian language into German. C ...

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    Freelancer in Denkingen, Germany
    65 Reviews

    Ich arbeite vorrangig mit Linux und Opensource Software. Von Severaufgaben bis zum Microcontroller

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    Freelancer in Leipzig, Germany
    41 Reviews

    I am a German native speaker, providing translation services in different language combinations. In addition, I offer proofreading and editing of texts in my mother tongue. Within 5 years of experience, I have managed to accumulate a large set of skills that now enable me to perform quality work for business leade ...

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Finding German Translators on Freelancer

Whether you are looking to expand your English speaking business across the seas to Germany or you only want to appeal to potential clients in the land of the Deutsch, regardless of your level of speaking and understanding of the German language, if you are not fluent in their native tongue then it is important that you hire someone with specific skills in translating from English to German to assist you.

There are some reasons why engaging a freelance German translation expert available will solidify your success relating to business opportunities within the German.

Benefits of employing a freelance German language expert include:

Cultural accuracy

In addition to being able to speak another language and understand what somebody speaking the German language is saying to you there are cultural elements to consider too. Regional areas often have their local dialect or slang which someone who isn't a native speaker wouldn't be aware of. A knowledge of the German dictionary doesn't give an overall picture of the German culture and that knowledge is essential to carry out successful business dealings.

Technical knowledge

It is very likely that in business dealings of any significance there will be complex legal issues to manage. Knowledge of the German judiciary system, as well as somebody who can provide an accurate translation of words and terminology that are not found in everyday conversations, is necessary for the success of your overseas communications.


If you use the services of several people who have a basic knowledge of translating English to German and vice versa, you will come across differences in their work. This doesn't necessarily mean that one German translator is wrong and one is correct but to have inconsistencies in this area could lead to significant problems in future. To hire one person who can service your translation requirements from start to finish, such as one of the thousands of German translation specialists available on Freelancer.com will eliminate any risk of disparity.

Dedicated language specialist

Not only are native German translators available on Freelancer.com but you can also request the services of a dedicated industry expert. Many industries have technical terminology and protocol to adhere to which someone without translation skills and experience would struggle to interpret. An industry specific translator, however, will be able to communicate with relevant personnel to ensure the precision and excellence of their work.

There are many translation programmes available for download on the internet such as Deutsch Online, however, hiring an English to German translator who has not only a sound knowledge of the German dictionary but also a cultural awareness will give a much more successful outcome to your global business requirements.

At Freelancer.com, you can select from thousands of English to German translators, all of whom have varied industry experience which you can specify based on your business needs. Hiring from Freelancer.com will also ensure that you have the services of the same translator for the duration of your project to avoid inconsistencies that can occur when using some bilingual staff members or associates rather than the services of a professionally trained German translator.