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    Freelancer in Islamabad, Pakistan
    102 Reviews

    With a command of UK and US English, I am here to assist you with your creative requirements. I have provided over 900 articles on various topics to clients, and this continues to grow. I am fickle about grammar and spelling and follow instructions to the tee. Deadline driven and a master of my own thoughts,...

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  • EbookWriter247's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Nairobi, Kenya
    165 Reviews

    Professionally, I am a lecturer and holder of Master's degree in Statistics and bachelor’s degree in Education (Mathematics, Economics and Computer Studies). I am also a prolific writer experienced in all genres of creative writing, ghostwriting, non-fiction and fiction writing, article writing and editing /...

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  • charlysalmu's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mexico City, Mexico
    7 Reviews

    I have a strong scientific background, collecting and analyzing big sets of data. Furthermore, I have experience writing fiction, articles, essays and scientific papers for international peer-review journals. I pay a lot of attention to my work and I'm a reliable freelancer with high professional standards. I'm...

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  • zozzolina's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bacau, Romania
    1 Reviews

    im expert in lot of skills, always available and looking to be hired

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  • cobrabb's Profile Picture
    Digital Genealogy Design
    183 Reviews

    Highly skilled in: Magento, Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, C Programming, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, InDesign, and PDF. Creative and innovative when it comes to designing.

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  • trainertanzil's Profile Picture
    Genealogy in Social Media
    11 Reviews

    A social media marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience. Service list: Facebook likes//followers, Twitter tweets/retweets, Google+, Youtube likes/comments/subscribers.

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Finding Genealogists on Freelancer

Genealogy is a study wherein one tries to trace a person’s family lineage and history for many purposes such as finding medical family history, studying the sociocultural evolution of a particular kinship, or simply wanting to know how far back your family tree can go.

Genealogy also involves analyzing and procuring data that can be turned into charts or presentations needed in the academe or at work. However, genealogy always entails a heavy amount of research that involves a lot of paperwork and errands that one may not have the time for.

Researching can be a very meticulous and time-consuming job as it requires countless of hours scouring through records, not to mention all that hard work in even finding the right records to begin with. Let someone do the work for you!

At Freelancer.com, you can find a highly skilled and experienced genealogist that can do all the work for you. Just simply post your project with specific instructions for the project and wait as users start bidding for your project within minutes.

Hire a Genealogist Freelancer who can help you:

  • Conduct oral interviews
  • Research through historical records
  • Conduct genetic analysis to demonstrate kinship
  • Research and obtain other records for information
  • Help operate genealogy softwares to collect, store, sort, and display genealogical data
  • Present lineage or history through pedigree charts or written narratives

With almost 20 million registered users, finding an experienced genealogist that is right for the job will not be a problem.

You have the option to have a freelancer within your area so you can choose to work with them closely or if ever the project calls for a legwork and research in another side of the globe, it wouldn’t be a problem since you can also choose from a diverse pool of talent all around the world. You can view freelancer profiles that catch your eye, chat with them to get to know them more and gauge their personalities, and award your job to your chosen bidder.

Freelancer.com also offers an easy- to-use platform that can help you communicate with the genealogist of your choice. Freelancer.com has a 24/7 support, time tracker, and with a realtime chat, keeping up-to-date with them is easy.

Payment is also easy safe and secure. You can review their bids, and only release payment when you are 100% completely satisfied with the work provided.

Take one less thing out of your to-do list and let the freelancers at Freelancer.com do the work for you!