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  • OriKara's Profile Picture
    Game Design Specialist
    150 Reviews

    Expert in architectural photoreal 3D renderings and walkthroughs. Low poly modeling and texturing. 3Ds Max, VRay, Photoshop, After Effect, Unity 3D, 3D animation and game design.

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  • sparximer's Profile Picture
    Specialist In Game Design
    131 Reviews

    Areas of expertise include game design, game development, HTML 5 Games, Gamesalad, Game Reskin, Game Assets, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and stationery design.

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  • sikanderali91's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    20 Reviews

    I am a Visual Communication Designer. I've received my Bachelors degree in Visual Communication Design with a distinction in my thesis. I love design with a passion that in my opinion, makes me a committed individual regarding design based projects.I feel that my leadership and communication skills are competitive...

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  • keithblyth's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lunenburg, Sweden
    9 Reviews

    I have over 10 years experience in the industry , having worked on 29+ titles (shipping an estimated 35 Million+ units) on a wide variety of platforms and genres; in fact everything from music games and puzzle games to sandbox/open world games sports titles.

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  • Milos009's Profile Picture
    Passionate Game Design Freelancer
    48 Reviews

    Passionate and talented freelancer specializing in game design, caricature & cartoon, Illustrator, C++ programming, 3 D animation, game development, grapic design and Unity 3D.

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  • rahulverma87's Profile Picture
    3D Game Design Team
    31 Reviews

    Highly recommended team of experienced designers providing services for graphic design animation, 2D , 3D game design, visual effects, Motion Graphic , VFX 2D and 3D animation.

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Finding Game Designers on Freelancer

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry continuing to flourish through a proliferation of mobile devices and ongoing development of existing gaming platforms. Game design refers to the process of planning a game and how it plays and is an important rung in the complicated exercise of establishing new games. Typically, it is the preliminary step in the creation of a new game, and heavily influences the popularity once released to the market.  

Game designers are commonly tasked with creating a blueprint for individual game elements and interfaces including components such as the story, environment, modes and rules of play, characters, and objects. The designer may not be responsible for the ideation of a game's premise. Commonly an outline, budget, and delivery timeframe are provided before the commencement of detailed design. Game design requires thoughtful planning with these constraints in mind.  

Depending on the complexity of a game, design can sometimes be a team exercise, shared between a range of designers reporting to a lead designer with ultimate accountability.

Mastery of the capabilities of hardware platforms associated with gaming such as Xbox, and PlayStation gaming consoles, PC or Mac Computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, is a necessity. As is a working understanding of their software and operating systems.

Following completion of an approved game design, a designer works closely with developers who turn their ideas into code and assets to deliver a prototype. Occasionally designers will also write code with the assistance of computer programming languages. A game designer will have continued involvement in the dev process, delivering design amendments based on feedback or technical constraints identified throughout the development cycle.

The gaming industry has traditionally been a male-dominated sphere as males with a love of gaming complete specialized training to make it their profession. Gaming is no longer the realm of men only. The influence of women in gaming has increased exponentially over the past decade with a 300% increase in women hired in gaming companies since 2009.

When considering hiring a game designer, a minimum education requirement is typically a Bachelor’s Degree. Most job seekers attend college to forge a career in the gaming industry. Qualifications range from a dedicated degree in gaming design to computer graphics, animation or arts. Strictly speaking, it is not essential to possess a degree, design experts are self-taught, though it is worth considering the level of training completed before selecting your chosen designer.

A common mistake is the assumption one needs to be an artistic genius to excel in gaming design. While helpful, this is not always the case. Many top game designers have carved out their niche through reliable technical ability and computing expertise, compensating for less natural artistic nous.

Complementary skills useful in game design include knowledge of computer programming languages and coding ability, critical analysis and problem-solving, strong technology know-how, and high-quality communications skills, both written and verbal.

Freelancer.com provides a platform for hiring qualified and experience game designers. Rather than assuming liability by employing a full-time game designer, freelancing provides a flexible project-based hiring option to test game design skills and the cultural fit for your organization.

At Freelancer.com you can locate professionals to handle your mobile, gaming console, PC or VR gaming project. Simply post a project, select a freelancer with the right skills and experience, and you are underway!